Uttar pradesh public service commission for Today Monday, 13 July 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Where does P waves arise?

    A. Plates
    B. Core
    C. Surface
    D. Ocean

Question 2: Evergreen vegetation in mountain forest vegetation is found up till what height of Himalayan foothills?

    A. 1000 m
    B. 1500 m
    C. 2000 m
    D. 1300 m

Question 3: In which state, among these, is desert vegetation found?

    A. UttarPradesh
    B. Jharkhand
    C. Uttarakhand
    D. Gujrat

Question 4: Which language developed during the Pala Empire?

    A. Prakrit
    B. Pala
    C. Proto-Bengali
    D. Tunga

Question 5: Which century was the beginning of Mughal Empire in India and subcontinent?

    A. 16
    B. 17
    C. 18
    D. 19

Question 6: Who introduced the first Act of Supremacy?

    A. King Henry VIII
    B. King Henry VI
    C. King Henry V
    D. King Henry VII

Question 7: `Samachar Darpan` was published by

    A. Bhabani Charan Bandyopadhya
    B. Tarachand Datta
    C. Harish Chandra Mukherjee
    D. J.C. Marshman

Question 8: In 2005, Prince Charles married

    A. Nicole Kidman
    B. Lady Diana
    C. Elizabeth Taylor
    D. Camilla Parker Bowles

Question 9: The 98th Indian Science Congress held in 2011 was at ------

    A. Kochi
    B. New Delhi
    C. Chennai
    D. Kolkata

Question 10: Which market affects structural unemployment?

    A. labour market
    B. money market
    C. product market
    D. supply chain market

Question 11: What is the current education cess that is provided?

    A. 1%
    B. 2%
    C. 3%
    D. 4%

Question 12: When does cyclical unemployment occur?

    A. low demand
    B. high demand
    C. low supply
    D. high supply

Question 13: Which among these is not a colligative property?

    A. boiling point
    B. freezing point
    C. melting point
    D. vapour pressure

Question 14: How can solid directly change into gas?

    A. Freezing
    B. melting
    C. sublimation
    D. ionisation

Question 15: Which of the following particle is heaviest?

    A. Proton
    B. Electron
    C. Neutron
    D. Meson

Question 16: One type of error during the stage of mitosis can be?

    A. atavism
    B. mutation
    C. cancer
    D. aposis

Question 17: Bacterias thrive upto how many meters below sea level?

    A. 500
    B. 540
    C. 560
    D. 580

Question 18: Which among these is a component of filtrate in humans?

    A. sucrolose
    B. lipid
    C. urea
    D. sugar

Question 19: Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana are included under the jurisdiction of which High Court?

    A. Punjab and Haryana High Court
    B. Haryana High Court
    C. Punjab High Court
    D. None of these

Question 20: In which year was Preamble adopted?

    A. 1945
    B. 1947
    C. 1949
    D. 1950

Question 21: In which list does insurance belong?

    A. Union List
    B. State List
    C. Concurrent List
    D. Executionary List

Question 22: Among which of these states, there are two Legislatures?

    A. Bihar
    B. Delhi
    C. West Bengal
    D. Kerala

Question 23: In which state was EVM first used?

    A. West Bengal
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Delhi
    D. Kerala

Question 24: Which Part of indian Constitution is dealing with the Fundamental Rights?

    A. Part I
    B. Part II
    C. Part III
    D. Part IV

Question 25: what is a group of magnetically alignedatoms called

    A. range
    B. latice
    C. domain
    D. crystal

Question 26: Which scale is used in calorimetry?

    A. theoritically based scales
    B. empirically based scales
    C. Weins displacement scale
    D. absolute zero scale

Question 27: 00p stands for

    A. 0.01n
    B. 0.0001n
    C. 0.1n
    D. 1n

Question 28: What does force cause in an object?

    A. displacement
    B. torque
    C. accelerate
    D. friction

Question 29: How do we indicate all species of plants, taken together?

    A. Plantology
    B. Botany
    C. Botanical
    D. Flora

Question 30: which type of infection is not considered a disease?

    A. asymptomatic
    B. symptomatic
    C. asymmetric
    D. symmetric

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