Uttar pradesh public service commission for Today Wednesday, 01 April 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: In which year was Uttarakhand formed?

    A. 2000
    B. 2001
    C. 2002
    D. 2204

Question 2: Which wind has two levels in it?

    A. Thermal wind
    B. Geostrophic wind
    C. Waver wind
    D. Coriolis wind

Question 3: How much percent does the manufacturing industries contribute towards the GDP of Indian economy?

    A. 14%
    B. 17%
    C. 19%
    D. 23%

Question 4: How many granaries of crops were found in Harappan Civilization?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 7
    D. 6

Question 5: When did Yijing visit India?

    A. 670-690 CE
    B. 685-695 CE
    C. 675-695 CE
    D. 680-690 CE

Question 6: In which region/area did Babur establish himself?

    A. Kuwait
    B. Kabul
    C. Baghdad
    D. Bali

Question 7: The headquarter of Airbus is in

    A. Seattle
    B. Toulouse
    C. Cologue
    D. Frankfurt

Question 8: The Anti Defection Bill was passed under the Prime Ministership of

    A. V. P. Singh
    B. Rajib Gandhi
    C. Narashimha Rao
    D. A. B. Bajpayee

Question 9: Srikrishna Committee Report which was made public in 2011, is related to

    A. rejuvenation of higher education
    B. demand for a separate Telangana State
    C. ragging in educational institutions
    D. impeachment of Justice Dinakaran

Question 10: What does DGFT stand for?

    A. Directorate General of Foreign Trade
    B. Directorate General of Financial Trade
    C. Development Goals of Foreign Trade
    D. Development Goals of Financial Trade

Question 11: How many dimensions are there in the new HDI Report?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 12: Tax is derived from which word?

    A. Taxo
    B. Taxonomy
    C. Taxity
    D. Taxa

Question 13: What is the STP temperature in Kelvin?

    A. 273.18
    B. 273.17
    C. 273.16
    D. 273.15

Question 14: Which gas exhibits weak bondinf?

    A. hydrogen
    B. oxygen
    C. nitogen
    D. helium

Question 15: 1 bar = how many atoms?

    A. 0.976
    B. 0.986
    C. 0.946
    D. 0.966

Question 16: In which period of time does foetus develop?

    A. fertilization period
    B. gestation period
    C. labour period
    D. pregnancy period

Question 17: What are different forms of DNA sequence called?

    A. chromosomes
    B. heptides
    C. lysaes
    D. alleles

Question 18: The X-shaped chromosomes are what type of chromosomes?

    A. metaphase chromosomes
    B. mitosis chromosomes
    C. prophase chromosomes
    D. zygote chromosomes

Question 19: What is termed as "citizenship of right of blood"?

    A. jus soli
    B. jus solangus
    C. jus sanguinis
    D. jus miscicus

Question 20: What is the use of Preamble for the Constitution?

    A. guiding book
    B. contents
    C. law
    D. jurisdiction

Question 21: According which Article the Vice President of India is considered as the Officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

    A. Article No. 80
    B. Article No. 85
    C. Article No. 89
    D. Article No.99

Question 22: In which year the election commissioner had only a Chief Election Commissioner?

    A. 1945
    B. 1947
    C. 1949
    D. 1950

Question 23: Who can request President to appoint Retire Judges on temporary basis?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. Chief Justice of India
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 24: The protest in Madurai Collectorate was held in which year?

    A. 2011
    B. 2012
    C. 2014
    D. 2013

Question 25: solve impulse=

    A. ma
    B. ft
    C. mv
    D. v-u/t

Question 26: Where does the vertex of spherical mirror lie?

    A. centre
    B. edge
    C. outside
    D. inside

Question 27: What is an ideal material on which temperature scale can be based?

    A. ideal solid
    B. ideal liquid
    C. ideal gas
    D. ideal plasma

Question 28: Mechanical advantage is the balance of moments and which other component?

    A. force
    B. work
    C. friction
    D. torque

Question 29: The circular structures inside the cytoplasm which consists of cellular DNA are called ?

    A. transferese
    B. plasmids
    C. cytokins
    D. histones

Question 30: Where are thylakoids present?

    A. chlorophyll
    B. chloroplast
    C. leaves
    D. plasmids

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