Uttar pradesh public service commission for Today Tuesday, 23 July 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Measuring longitude is mostly required for what?

    A. mining
    B. driving
    C. geological attributes
    D. navigation

Question 2: Earthquake is caused due to movements of?

    A. Continents
    B. Mountains
    C. Plateaus
    D. Plates

Question 3: What is the method to rank a river depending on the hierarchy of its tributaries?

    A. The Tributarial Scale Method
    B. The Strahler Stream Order
    C. The Almein Connectivity Order
    D. The Metalurgical Tribunarical Strategy

Question 4: The First Act of Supremacy was the beginning of which phenomenon?

    A. French Reincarnation
    B. English Reformation
    C. English Industrialisation
    D. French Industrialisation

Question 5: which of these is not a part of the Vedic Caste System?

    A. Brahmin
    B. Kshatriya
    C. Vaishyas
    D. Shandilyas

Question 6: What is Sangha?

    A. religion
    B. scriptures
    C. teachings
    D. communitty

Question 7: The most densely populated Indian state in the 2011 census is

    A. Kerala
    B. West Bengal
    C. Uttar Pradesh
    D. Jharkhand

Question 8: Sania Mirza`s name is associated with the sports

    A. Tennis
    B. Badminton
    C. Chess
    D. Table Tennis

Question 9: What is meant by LAMPS ?

    A. Silk Co-operative
    B. Large Sized Multipurpose Co-operative Societies
    C. Large Multipurpose Water Storage Project
    D. Large Multipurpose Electricity Project

Question 10: LEI is one when, life expectancy at birth is -

    A. 80
    B. 64
    C. 85
    D. 75

Question 11: What was the percentage of employable people according to the ISR?

    A. 30%
    B. 32%
    C. 36%
    D. 34%

Question 12: When was the name of the Imperial Bank of India changed?

    A. 1935
    B. 1938
    C. 1943
    D. 1947

Question 13: Acid + Base = Salt + ?

    A. water
    B. Lewis acid
    C. Lewis base
    D. ions

Question 14: octate theory and VSEPR Theory are based on which phenomenon?

    A. chemical bonding
    B. catalysis
    C. electrolysis
    D. plasmolysis

Question 15: The formation of water is affectd by which catalyst?

    A. manganese oxide
    B. magnesium oxide
    C. magnesium dioxide
    D. manganese dioxide

Question 16: Neiserria forms what type of pair?

    A. single
    B. diploid
    C. haploid
    D. triploid

Question 17: Which does not affect on viruses?

    A. anti-viruses
    B. antiviral drugs
    C. anti-biotics
    D. anti-enzymes

Question 18: What type of cells does the thinnest layer of blood vessels have?

    A. endothelial
    B. exothelial
    C. epithelial
    D. exoventricular

Question 19: The UPSC Members regulation Act was established in which year?

    A. 1960
    B. 1969
    C. 1975
    D. 1976

Question 20: What is Legislative Council called?

    A. Vidhan Sabha
    B. Vidhan Samha
    C. Vidhan Parishad
    D. Vidhan Nagar

Question 21: Secular establishes relationship between?

    A. government;bank
    B. government:public
    C. public sectors: private sectors
    D. industries:banks

Question 22: How many Anglo Indian members are appointed by the President in Lok Sabha?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 23: What is the minimum qualification of Supreme Court Judge?

    A. 5 years of experience as an Advocate of High Court
    B. 7 years of experience as an Advocate of High Court
    C. 8 years of experience as an Advocate of High Court
    D. 10 years of experience as an Advocate of High Court

Question 24: How many members can be appointed by the Indian President in Rajya Sabha?

    A. 10
    B. 11
    C. 12
    D. 13

Question 25: What is known as the rate of which work is done?

    A. energy
    B. power
    C. friction
    D. force

Question 26: In which year was the original metric system adopted?

    A. 1790
    B. 1794
    C. 1791
    D. 1712

Question 27: what is amplitude of a wave

    A. the distance the wave moves in one second
    B. the distance the wave moves in one time period of the wave
    C. the maximum distance moved by the medium particles on either side of the mean position
    D. the distance equal to one wave length

Question 28: what is the reason for acceleration in a body

    A. balanced force
    B. unbalanced force
    C. mass
    D. electrostatic force

Question 29: What is the function of permanent tissues in plants?

    A. cellular substitution
    B. cellular fermentation
    C. cellular gravitation
    D. cellular differentiation

Question 30: What type of a hormone is Epinephrine?

    A. Thyroid
    B. steroid
    C. amino acids
    D. cholestrol

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