Upsc ias preliminary csat for Today Sunday, 16 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Why does Monsoon occur?

    A. Westerlies
    B. Trade winds
    C. Tidal waves
    D. Storms

Question 2: Which is the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir?

    A. Jammu
    B. Kashmir
    C. Srinagar
    D. Srikoti

Question 3: What type of Highways are Expressways?

    A. controlled-access
    B. free-access
    C. unlimited-access
    D. permission-access

Question 4: Pala Empire was spread across how many countries in todays world?

    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 5
    D. 6

Question 5: What was the original name of Alauddin Khilji?

    A. Juna Khan
    B. Habib Khan
    C. Ali Khan
    D. Khawaoji Khan

Question 6: Which among these is a book of Bhakti movement?

    A. Ramayana
    B. Mahabharata
    C. Upanishad
    D. Veda

Question 7: India and Japan inked two agreements during November 2012 to enable Tokyo to import from India:

    A. Leather goods
    B. Rare earth minerals
    C. Basmati type rice
    D. Rubber based products

Question 8: The number of Million Cities of India in 2001 was

    A. 15
    B. 25
    C. 35
    D. 45

Question 9: The National Green Tribal was established in

    A. 2009
    B. 2010
    C. 2011
    D. 2012

Question 10: What happens when expenditures exceed tax revenues?

    A. actual debt
    B. government debt
    C. national debt
    D. public debt

Question 11: India became the worlds fastest growing major economy from which year?

    A. 2012
    B. 2014
    C. 2013
    D. 2011

Question 12: Tax is derived from which word?

    A. Taxo
    B. Taxonomy
    C. Taxity
    D. Taxa

Question 13: Which phenomenon limits the distance between atoms and nuclei?

    A. chemical waves
    B. electromagnetic waves
    C. catalytic waves
    D. matter waves

Question 14: How can solid directly change into gas?

    A. Freezing
    B. melting
    C. sublimation
    D. ionisation

Question 15: In which catalysis, diffusion is rate determining?

    A. homogenous catalysis
    B. heterogenous catalysis
    C. mono catalysis
    D. poly catalysis

Question 16: Whose cultivation is not involved in agriculture?

    A. animal
    B. plant
    C. fungi
    D. bacteria

Question 17: What is the origin of the word "Morbidity"?

    A. French
    B. Latin
    C. Rome
    D. Russia

Question 18: What is the major excreta component of birds?

    A. nitrogen
    B. urea
    C. uric acid
    D. ammonia

Question 19: Who is considered as the Constitutional Head of India?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. Speaker

Question 20: According to which Article of Indian Constitution people should boound to provide Education Facilities to his / her child ( between 6 to 14 years)?

    A. Article No 51
    B. Article No 51 A
    C. Article No 51 B
    D. Article No 52

Question 21: What was the tenure of the two election commissioners elected for the commission?

    A. 2 months
    B. 3 months
    C. 6 months
    D. 1 year

Question 22: Due to extreme heat, the river

    A. dried
    B. soaked
    C. percolated
    D. overflowed

Question 23: Radhika put the glass __________ table.

    A. on
    B. at
    C. in
    D. within

Question 24: not in voice

    A. Had a cough
    B. Sang well
    C. To sing well
    D. Sensible

Question 25:

  In the first 10 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was only 3.2. What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs to reach the target of 282 runs?

    A. 7.4
    B. 5
    C. 6.25
    D. 5.5

Question 26:

During the journey from place A to place B, Peter drove at an average of 70 kmph for 3 hours and 50 kmph for 2 hours. Find his average speed for the total journey.

    A. 60 kmph
    B. 61.66 kmph
    C. 62 kmph
    D. 62.5 kmph

Question 27: What is the wavelength of violet light in nm?

    A. 380-450
    B. 300-450
    C. 370-475
    D. 360-470

Question 28: In which year was the original metric system adopted?

    A. 1790
    B. 1794
    C. 1791
    D. 1712

Question 29: tell the relationship Careful is to cautious as boastful is to

    A. arrogant
    B. humble
    C. joyful
    D. suspicious

Question 30: What is the maximum number of possibilities in which two faces of a cuboid can be painted red, with the dimension- 6 cm * 7 cm * 8 cm?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 6

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