Union public service commission for Today Sunday, 16 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the latitude for Equator?

    A. 180 N
    B. 90 N
    C. 0 N
    D. 360 N

Question 2: The area from where the earthquake takes birth is termed as the?

    A. crust
    B. epicentre
    C. centre
    D. core

Question 3: How is stress released at the time of an earthquake?

    A. Modified Mercalli Scale
    B. Superposition Principle
    C. Elastic Rebound Theory
    D. Travel Time Lag Theory

Question 4: In which year did the rule of Khilji dynasty end?

    A. 1320
    B. 1335
    C. 1350
    D. 1375

Question 5: Which present state was the capital of the Mughal Empire?

    A. Delhi
    B. Calcutta
    C. Bombay
    D. Agra

Question 6: Who was the first Kushan emperor?

    A. Kanishka
    B. Kashika
    C. Kaliba
    D. Kafiqua

Question 7: Who was the Hindu Saint to have as disciple both Hindus and Muslims ?

    A. Sri Chaitanya
    B. Ramanuja
    C. Rabidas
    D. Namdev

Question 8: Joint Forest Management was first successful in West Bengal in

    A. Paljhari village of Medinipur district
    B. Bhula village of Bankura district
    C. Natunbandh village Bankura district
    D. Arabari village of Medinipur district

Question 9: "Ram Rahim ek hai, nam dhara hai do" who preached during the Sultanate?

    A. Sri Chaitanya
    B. Kabir
    C. Nanak
    D. Dadu

Question 10: LEI is one when, life expectancy at birth is -

    A. 80
    B. 64
    C. 85
    D. 75

Question 11: What was the first metal used to make a coin in India?

    A. copper
    B. zinc
    C. tin
    D. silver

Question 12: What is the current rate of service tax in India?

    A. 15%
    B. 10%
    C. 12%
    D. 12.50%

Question 13: Iron has its body centred structure in which temperature?

    A. 912
    B. 1214
    C. 1374
    D. 1100

Question 14: The formation of water is affected by which enzyme?

    A. peroxidase
    B. ribase
    C. oxidase
    D. peptidase

Question 15: Hydrogen has ----- isotpes

    A. 4
    B. 1
    C. 6
    D. 3

Question 16: Cell wall of meristematic tissue is composed of

    A. cellulose
    B. cytoplasm
    C. protoplasm
    D. cortex

Question 17: In which period of time does foetus develop?

    A. fertilization period
    B. gestation period
    C. labour period
    D. pregnancy period

Question 18: What is the permeability of water in a waxy cuticle?

    A. non-permeable
    B. semi-permeable
    C. moderately permeable
    D. permeable

Question 19: Election Commission subsequently enacts which Act?

    A. Representation of People Act
    B. Representation of Public Sector Act
    C. Representation of Government Act
    D. Representation of Industrial Act

Question 20: Nationality of married women are __________ on the nationality of their husband.

    A. dependent
    B. independent
    C. same
    D. different

Question 21: What are temporary laws known as?

    A. ordinances
    B. residuaries
    C. electorals
    D. bulletins

Question 22: shall be doing

    A. future perfect
    B. future continuous
    C. simple future
    D. future perfect continuous

Question 23: The thief got arrested.

    A. The police arrested the thief.
    B. The thief was arrested.
    C. The thief got caught.
    D. The police caught the thief.

Question 24: The one factor that governs the progress and properity of any nation is education.

    A. single factor
    B. primary factor
    C. one of the factors
    D. no improvement

Question 25: What is the cost in dollars to steam clean a room W yards wide and L yards long if the steam cleaners charge 10 cents per square foot? (1 yard=3 feet)

    A. 0.9WL
    B. 10WL
    C. 0.1WL
    D. 9WL

Question 26: A car covers a certain distance in three hours at the speed of 124 km/hr. What is the average speed of a truck which travels a distance of 120 km less than the car in the same time?

    A. 88 km/hr
    B. 84 km/hr
    C. 78 km/hr
    D. 73 km/hr

Question 27: who gave the statement that no body begins to move or comes to rest itself

    A. Isaac Newton
    B. Abu ali sena
    C. al kunai
    D. Stephen hawking

Question 28: solve 1kg/ms=

    A. 1N
    B. 1Ns
    C. 1Nm
    D. 10Ns

Question 29: P is the sister of Qs wifes brother-in-laws father. If Qs father-in-law has only one child, how is Q related to P?

    A. Nephew
    B. Niece
    C. Aunt
    D. Daughter

Question 30: 14 20 32 50 ?

    A. 63
    B. 70
    C. 54
    D. 74

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