Stenographer for Today Tuesday, 23 July 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Handloom is an industry of what type?

    A. Large-scale industries
    B. Public industries
    C. Agro-based industries
    D. Private industries

Question 2: In which neighbouring country of India, does Brahmaputra combine with Ganga/Padma?

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Myanmar
    C. Nepal
    D. China

Question 3: Which of these is a watershed from which Indian rivers originate?

    A. Western ghats
    B. Eastern Ghats
    C. Gangetic Plain
    D. waterfalls

Question 4: Elizabeth officially established which church?

    A. Anglican Church
    B. Paul Church
    C. Priston Church
    D. Church of Feliminar

Question 5: Who among these was a prominent leader of the Indian National Movement?

    A. Bhagat Singh
    B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    C. Binay Badal Dinesh
    D. Khudiram Bose

Question 6: which was the birth month of Shah Jahan?

    A. January
    B. April
    C. July
    D. November

Question 7: Who was awarded the Indira Gandhi peace prize of the year 2010?

    A. South Korean Premier Lee Myung Bak
    B. Bangladesh PM, Sheik Hasina
    C. Sri Lankan President Mahendra Rajapaksa
    D. German President Dr. Horst Koehler

Question 8: The first Indian who was chosen as the Secretary General of Commonwealth is

    A. Rakesh Verma
    B. Gopalaswami
    C. Krishna Murthy
    D. Kamalesh SHarma

Question 9: The Chariperson of National Knowledge

    A. P. M. Bhargava
    B. Andre Beteille
    C. Deepak Nayar
    D. Sam Pitroda

Question 10: Who developed HDI?

    A. Amartya Sen
    B. Mahbub ul Haq
    C. William Hastings
    D. Henry Enfield

Question 11: What percent of development is contributed to industry of FYP?

    A. 8.40%
    B. 3.50%
    C. 6.70%
    D. 7.50%

Question 12: Stability of economy is hampered due to which of these?

    A. inflation
    B. depreciation
    C. devaluation
    D. budgeting

Question 13: When water has more hydrogen ions and less hydroxide ions, what is the property of water?

    A. Basic
    B. Alkaline
    C. Acidic
    D. Neutral

Question 14: Which of the following bond is  a strong bond?

    A. Metallic bond
    B. Ionic bond
    C. Covalent bond
    D. Van der waals bond

Question 15: Who discovered neutrons?

    A. Dalton
    B. Faraday
    C. Chadwick
    D. J. Thomson

Question 16: What, among these, is a complex inside DNA?

    A. Chromatids
    B. Chromatographs
    C. Chromatins
    D. Chromins

Question 17: What does the large cavity in a plant cell contain?

    A. cell wall
    B. lipid
    C. vacuole
    D. cell sap

Question 18: Bacterias thrive upto how many meters below sea level?

    A. 500
    B. 540
    C. 560
    D. 580

Question 19: Who services the UPSC?

    A. Secretariat
    B. Governor
    C. Speaker
    D. Committee members

Question 20: Which Aricle of Indian Constitution deals with Supreme Court?

    A. Article No 100
    B. Article No 110
    C. Article No 117
    D. Article No 124

Question 21: Who grants the UPSCs charter?

    A. Parliament
    B. Constitution
    C. RBI
    D. LA

Question 22: Audacity

    A. Paucity
    B. Temerity
    C. Verity
    D. Simplicity

Question 23: When a state is ruled by a person of any political system, is called

    A. Kingdom
    B. Reign
    C. Democracy
    D. Monarchy

Question 24: Looking into the ground, he was thinking.

    A. Was he thinking looking into the ground?
    B. Wasnt he thinking looking into the ground?
    C. Looking into the ground, he was thinking. Wasnt he?
    D. Looking into the ground, he was thinking. Was he?

Question 25: what dates of April, 2001 did Wednesday fall?

    A. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
    B. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
    C. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
    D. 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Question 26: In a queue I was standing at the eigth position. If my position becomes sixth after five students leave the queue, how many students were initially there in the queue?

    A. 23
    B. 20
    C. None of these
    D. Not enough information

Question 27: What is the ratio of output force and input force called?

    A. mechanical leverage
    B. mechanical coverage
    C. mechanical advantage
    D. mechanical disadvantage

Question 28: What is the most commonly used unit of energy?

    A. Newton
    B. Ampere
    C. Joules
    D. Joules per second

Question 29: tell the relationship Sponge is to porous as rubber is to

    A. massive
    B. solid
    C. elastic
    D. inflexible

Question 30: What is FAKA if A is replaced by eight positions after it and K is replaced by double of the replacement of A, while F is replaced by the corresponding number in the number series of natural numbers?

    A. 6GMA
    B. 6AGM
    C. 4MGA
    D. 4GMA

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