Public service commission all state for Today Wednesday, 18 September 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: How many years ago was the Solar system formed?

    A. 4 billion
    B. 4.2 billion
    C. 4.5 billion
    D. 4.6 billion

Question 2: From where does the monsoon originate?

    A. Lakshadweep Islands
    B. Bay of Bengal
    C. Arabian Sea
    D. Indian Ocean

Question 3: What is the contribution of Agro-based industries towards the GDP of Indian economy?

    A. 7%
    B. 6%
    C. 5%
    D. 4%

Question 4: To whom was King Henry married?

    A. Catherine
    B. Mary
    C. Mary
    D. Rosalind

Question 5: Kushan Empire was spread till which present day country?

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Pakistan
    C. Afghanistan
    D. China

Question 6: During which century did the Sufi tradition evolve to the peak?

    A. 7
    B. 8
    C. 9
    D. 10

Question 7: False belief which cannot be shaken by reason is termed

    A. Delusion
    B. Fantasy
    C. Illusion
    D. Hallucination

Question 8: The founder of Facebook is

    A. Steve Jobs
    B. Mark Zuckerberg
    C. Larry Page
    D. Bill Gates

Question 9: India`s first Noble Prize was given for:

    A. Chemistry
    B. Medicine
    C. Physics
    D. Literature

Question 10: According to Ricardian theory, which factor of production is assumed to be the only input?

    A. Land
    B. Labour
    C. Capital
    D. Entrepreneur

Question 11: In which FYP was the TATA Institute of Research established?

    A. second
    B. third
    C. fifth
    D. seventh

Question 12: Which curve is related to frictional unemployment?

    A. Hambridge
    B. Hawthorne
    C. Beveridge
    D. Kotler

Question 13: What is the origin of the word "acid"?

    A. Latin
    B. French
    C. Russian
    D. Latin-American

Question 14: What is the highest temperatue at which a liquid can exist called?

    A. normal temperature
    B. maximum liquedity temperature
    C. critical temperature
    D. mega temperature

Question 15: Which component is used to soften water in acidic reactions?

    A. baking soda
    B. potassium hydrate
    C. salt
    D. washing soda

Question 16: How many bases does a DNA have?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 17: What is the main excretory product in arachnids?

    A. adenine
    B. guanine
    C. creatinine
    D. mesinine

Question 18: How many variants of cell are there?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 19: Who is responsible to set up financial team to review financial condition of the Panchayet?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Chief Minister of State
    C. Governor
    D. President

Question 20: Which Part of Indian Constitution is dealing with the Panchayeti Raj System?

    A. Part V
    B. Part VII
    C. Part VIII
    D. Part IX

Question 21: Which Articles are dealing with the Rights of Equality?

    A. From Article No 10 to 14
    B. From Article No 14 to 18
    C. From Article No 18 to 22
    D. From Article No 22 to 26

Question 22: Alas! She wont be coming today.

    A. Asserive
    B. Interrogative
    C. Exclamatory
    D. Negative

Question 23: Give water to save trees.

    A. Abstract Noun
    B. Common Noun
    C. Countable Noun
    D. Uncountable Noun

Question 24: Be on time.

    A. You be on time.
    B. You are asked to be on time.
    C. I was asked to be on time. Please be on time is what they asked me.
    D. I was on time.

Question 25: 44 14 58; 23 17 40; 62 ? 87

    A. 20
    B. 23
    C. 25
    D. 22

Question 26: What is the least possible cuts one should make to get 80 identical smaller cubes from a big cube?

    A. 21
    B. 12
    C. 19
    D. 10

Question 27: how do bats detect the obstacles in their path

    A. infrasonic waves
    B. radio waves
    C. electro-magnetic waves
    D. ultrasonic waves

Question 28: what is a resistance of a closed switch

    A. 0
    B. about 50ohms
    C. about 500ohms
    D. infinity

Question 29: What will be the time indicated by the mirror image of the hands of a clock when the clock strikes 10 hours 40 minutes?

    A. 1:25
    B. 1:15
    C. 1:10
    D. 1:20

Question 30: At 9:00 AM, the minute hand of a clock points towards North-East direction. In which direction does the hour hand point at 3:00 PM.

    A. North West
    B. South
    C. North East
    D. South East

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