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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Valuable timber can be got from which natural vegetation?

    A. Tropical
    B. Temperate
    C. Desert vegetation
    D. Deciduous

Question 2: Which type of manufacturing industry is Oil India Limited?

    A. Private industry
    B. Consumer industry
    C. Large-scale industry
    D. Joint industry

Question 3: Conifer trees are an example of which vegetation?

    A. Mountaneous vegetation
    B. Mangrove Forests
    C. Desert vegetation
    D. Tropical Rainforests

Question 4: In which year did the partition of Bengal get firmly inhaled?

    A. 1910
    B. 1912
    C. 1918
    D. 1921

Question 5: What was the name of Bindusaras mother?

    A. Biwidhabi
    B. Durdhara
    C. Kumbishala
    D. Mohini

Question 6: Elizabeth was from which country?

    A. England
    B. France
    C. Russia
    D. America/ USA

Question 7: SAARC is a regional organization of

    A. South Asian States
    B. South American States
    C. South African States
    D. Asian and African

Question 8: Which country became the 1st State to recognise the National Libiyan Council as the country`s legitimate government?

    A. Canada
    B. France
    C. USA
    D. Italy

Question 9: Which Head of the state visited India in March, 2010 ?

    A. US President, Barack Obama
    B. Afgan President, Hamid Karzai
    C. Chinese President, Hu Jintao
    D. Vludimir Putin, PM of Russia

Question 10: Indian economy is a member of which community?

    A. ABICS
    B. ECSI
    C. PPPEI
    D. BRICS

Question 11: The first form of trade where currency was used was known as?

    A. Barber system
    B. Barter System
    C. Fertile Crescent System
    D. Magnitium System

Question 12: Hechsher and Ohlin are of which origin?

    A. Greece
    B. Russian
    C. Sweden
    D. French

Question 13: What is the percent of water found in glaciers?

    A. 1.20%
    B. 1.40%
    C. 1.50%
    D. 1.70%

Question 14: State which information is false about electron?

    A. It is a particle.
    B. It emits energy while moving in orbit.
    C. It has wave like property
    D. Its motion is affected by magnetic field

Question 15: Who discovered the X-rays?

    A. Harley Robinson
    B. William Rontgen
    C. Charles Foraine
    D. Robertson Baren

Question 16: Fish farming is a principal form of which culture?

    A. hydroculture
    B. marineculture
    C. aquaculture
    D. bioculture

Question 17: Which animal among these exhibits passive locomotion?

    A. spiders
    B. mammals
    C. insects
    D. fishes

Question 18: Disease is the dysfunctioning of bodys which process?

    A. metabolic process
    B. homostatic process
    C. homeostatic process
    D. hypostatic process

Question 19: On which day was Madurai Collectorate protest held?

    A. 07 th October
    B. 07 th December
    C. 07 th July
    D. 07 th September

Question 20: What is the legislature type of West Bengal?

    A. bicameral
    B. unicameral
    C. polycameral
    D. tricameral

Question 21: The Citizenship Act has been amended by Amendment act of which year, among these?

    A. 1950
    B. 1952
    C. 1975
    D. 1986

Question 22: As the sun began to set

    A. Adverb clause
    B. Adjective clause
    C. Noun clause
    D. Independent clause

Question 23: Wasnt she looking for me?

    A. Asserive
    B. Interrogative
    C. Exclamatory
    D. Negative

Question 24: A group of people assembled for religious worship are called

    A. Rambler
    B. Callous
    C. Congregation
    D. Apathy

Question 25: Following is a jumbled word. Choose the correct option that consists of the original word.


Question 26: P U B = P n B. Which condition is satisfied in this case?

    A. A= empty set
    B. B = empty set
    C. A = B
    D. None of these

Question 27: the electromagnetic theory of light in 1862 was developed by

    A. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
    B. Andre Ampere
    C. James Clerk Maxwell
    D. Wilhelm Rontgen

Question 28: what is the reason for acceleration in a body

    A. balanced force
    B. unbalanced force
    C. mass
    D. electrostatic force

Question 29: In a family of eight members, there are two married couples.
William is the brother of Sunita who is the daughter-in-law of P.
Thomas is the grandson of Q.
Robert is the only nephew of V.
Urvashi is the sister and the daughter of Thomas and Robert respectively.
Q is the only child and William is the brother-in-law of Robert.
How is William related to Urvashi?

    A. Paternal uncle
    B. Maternal uncle
    C. Father
    D. Grandfather

Question 30: Here are six sentences. Choose the correct option in which the set of three sentences are logically related.
No fiber is wood. Some fiber is rubber. Some wood is not fiber. Some rubber is not wood. No stick is fiber. All sticks are wood.

    A. eaf
    B. cfe
    C. adb
    D. All of the above

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