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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Who was the inventor of Latitudes and Longitudes?

    A. Archimedes
    B. Hipparachus
    C. Socrates
    D. Einstein

Question 2: Most of the Earthquakes hit areas covering what range?

    A. 40k km
    B. 30k km
    C. 20k km
    D. 10k km

Question 3: In North India, towards the west, rainfall ---------------------. Complete the blank.

    A. decreases
    B. increases
    C. remains same
    D. unpredictable

Question 4: What was the home city of the founder of Raushaniya?

    A. Chandigarh
    B. Patiala
    C. Ludhiana
    D. Jalandhar

Question 5: To which God is Tirumurai indicated?

    A. Brahma
    B. Vishnu
    C. Shakti
    D. Shiva

Question 6: What was the origin of the first four dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate?

    A. Turkish
    B. Persian
    C. Islamic
    D. Russian

Question 7: The latest official language of the U.N. is

    A. Russian
    B. Arabic
    C. Chinese
    D. Spanish

Question 8: What is the correct figure of average expectation of life at birth at present in India?

    A. 45 years
    B. 60 years
    C. 70 years
    D. 65 years

Question 9: during 2002, the United Nation`s International Conference on Environment was held in

    A. Tokyo
    B. Rio-de-Jeniro
    C. Hongkong
    D. Johanesburg

Question 10: What was the first metal used to make a coin?

    A. copper
    B. zinc
    C. tin
    D. silver

Question 11: Which among these is not an HDI dimension accoridng to new method?

    A. literacy
    B. life expectancy
    C. education index
    D. GNI per capita

Question 12: In which century was banking introduced in India?

    A. 17
    B. 16
    C. 18
    D. 19

Question 13: What are the substances called which undergo change in colour due to acidic or basic properties?

    A. catalysts
    B. inhibitors
    C. propellors
    D. indicators

Question 14: In which property is the pressure of gas equal to the pressure of the liquid?

    A. pressure gradient
    B. liquifying pressure
    C. vapour pressure
    D. solution pressure

Question 15: Who discovered neutrons?

    A. Dalton
    B. Faraday
    C. Chadwick
    D. J. Thomson

Question 16: What is the cell division in prokaryotic cells called?

    A. prokaryotism
    B. meiosis
    C. celluloidism
    D. binary fission

Question 17: The organs which secrete hormones are known as

    A. hormone vessels
    B. glands
    C. glandules
    D. lymph nodes

Question 18: What is the full-form of CNS in terms of nutrition?

    A. Common Nutrition Specialist
    B. Clinical Nutrition Specialist
    C. Certified Nutrition Specialist
    D. Critical Nutrition Specialist

Question 19:

A rectangular block 6 cm by 12 cm by 15 cm is cut up into an exact number of equal cubes. Find the least possible number of cubes.

    A. 20
    B. 40
    C. 30
    D. 10

Question 20: The difference between the simple and compound interest on a certain sum of money at 5% rate of interest p.a. for two years is Rs.15. Find the sum.

    A. Rs.6500
    B. Rs.5500
    C. Rs.6000
    D. Rs.7000

Question 21: Nitin and Bhavin, 110 km apart, start cycling towards each other. If Nitin covers a distance of 6 km to Bhavins 5 km, how far will Nitin have travelled when they meet?

    A. 66 km
    B. 55 km
    C. 50 km
    D. 60 km

Question 22: He does not think it would not rain.

    A. will not rain
    B. will rain
    C. should not rain
    D. should rain

Question 23: Rita writes poem _____.

    A. good
    B. soft
    C. well
    D. bad

Question 24: It will take _______ hour to complete the test.

    A. an
    B. a
    C. the
    D. none of these

Question 25:

Two containers A and B contain syrup and water in the ratio 7:5 and 3:1 respectively. In what ratio should they be mixed to obtain a new mixture containing syrup and water in the ratio 5:3?

    A. 3:01
    B. 2:01
    C. 4:03
    D. 7:05

Question 26: A runs 1(1/3) times as fast as B. If A gives B a start of 50 m, how far must the winning post be so that the race ends in a dead heat?

    A. 500 m
    B. 400 m
    C. 320 m
    D. 200 m

Question 27: What is a substance which attracts pieces of iron called

    A. Conductor
    B. Semi-conductor
    C. Magnet
    D. All of the above

Question 28: What is known as the rate of which energy is converted?

    A. work
    B. power
    C. friction
    D. force

Question 29: Here are two statements. Each option has a conclusion. Choose the conclusion that will logically follow the statements in the question:
Some animals are dogs. Some animals are not fish.

    A. Some dogs are not fish
    B. Some fishes are not dogs.
    C. No fish is a dog.
    D. None of the above

Question 30: On 8th Feb, 2005 it was Tuesday. What was the day of the week on 8th Feb, 2004?

    A. Monday
    B. Tuesday
    C. Wednesday
    D. Sunday

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