Lower division clerk for Today Tuesday, 15 October 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Polar Westerlies are experienced in which area?

    A. Equator
    B. Polar area
    C. Tropical area
    D. Temperate area

Question 2: When was rail services first introduced in India?

    A. 1853
    B. 1854
    C. 1855
    D. 1856

Question 3: Where does the Westerlies wind blow?

    A. Western ghats
    B. Western hemisphere
    C. Temperate area
    D. Tropical area

Question 4: Jainism prescribes which path of faith?

    A. Blind faith in GOD
    B. non-violence
    C. moksha or enlightenment
    D. ultimate knowldege

Question 5: What is the original source of Sufism?

    A. Islamic preachers
    B. Muslim dynasties
    C. The Holy Quran
    D. The Masjids

Question 6: Buddha preached Buddhism in northern India in which centuries?

    A. 02 to 04
    B. 04 to 06
    C. 03 to 05
    D. 05 to 07

Question 7: Joint Forest Management was first successful in West Bengal in

    A. Paljhari village of Medinipur district
    B. Bhula village of Bankura district
    C. Natunbandh village Bankura district
    D. Arabari village of Medinipur district

Question 8: UFA Chairperson is

    A. Manmohan Singh
    B. Priyanka Gandhi
    C. Sonia Gandhi
    D. Jyoti Basu

Question 9: The first remote sensing satellite from India was

    A. P6
    B. P4
    C. IRS 1A

Question 10: In which day did the last Deputy chairperson of the PC resign?

    A. 21 st May
    B. 26 th May
    C. 18 th May
    D. 29 th May

Question 11: Which among these is not an objective of the FYP?

    A. achieving socio-economic targets
    B. existence of centrally coordinating planning
    C. economic resources
    D. growth of national income

Question 12: What is the proposed growth of GDP in the latest economic plan of India?

    A. 8%
    B. 7.80%
    C. 7.50%
    D. 7.20%

Question 13: What type of a fluid is gas?

    A. compressible
    B. incompressible
    C. maleable
    D. immlaeable

Question 14: Bond polarities are described in which phenomenon?

    A. catalysis
    B. electrostatics
    C. electrolysis
    D. polarism

Question 15: Iron has its body centred structure in which temperature?

    A. 912
    B. 1214
    C. 1374
    D. 1100

Question 16: The study of diseases related to cells is known as?

    A. cytology
    B. cytopathology
    C. cytocosmology
    D. cytoentropology

Question 17: A human body experiences how many quadrillion time of cell division in a life time?

    A. 5
    B. 10
    C. 15
    D. 20

Question 18: Cytokinesis is a phase of the cell cycle in which type of organisms?

    A. microorganisms
    B. eukaryotes
    C. prokaryotes
    D. molluscs

Question 19: What is the minimum qualification of Supreme Court Judge?

    A. have 5 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    B. have 3 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    C. have 7 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    D. have 10 years of experience as Judge of High Court

Question 20: Which union reviews the balance of power between state and union?

    A. Sarkaria Commission
    B. Kaafila Commission
    C. JN nurm Commission
    D. Sukanya Commission

Question 21: Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana are included under the jurisdiction of which High Court?

    A. Punjab and Haryana High Court
    B. Haryana High Court
    C. Punjab High Court
    D. None of these

Question 22: A person loves to waste money for luxury

    A. Luxuriant
    B. Luxurious
    C. Extravagant
    D. Dossier

Question 23: Its

    A. It
    B. It`s
    C. These
    D. Theirs

Question 24: My mother is delighted _____________ my success.

    A. for
    B. to
    C. with
    D. at

Question 25:

The HCF and LCM of two numbers is 2 and 70. If the sum of the numbers is 24, find the smallest of the two numbers.

    A. 14
    B. 10
    C. 7
    D. 12

Question 26:

The upstream and downstream speeds of a boat are 7 kmph and 11 kmph respectively. Find the speed of the boat.

    A. 9 m/s
    B. 5 m/s
    C. 2 m/s
    D. 2.5 m/s

Question 27: What is the ratio of output force and input force called?

    A. mechanical leverage
    B. mechanical coverage
    C. mechanical advantage
    D. mechanical disadvantage

Question 28: A lever is a what type of body?

    A. non-rigid
    B. rigid
    C. regular
    D. irregular

Question 29: On 8th Dec, 2007 Saturday falls. What day of the week was it on 8th Dec, 2006?

    A. Sunday
    B. Thursday
    C. Tuesday
    D. Friday

Question 30: My brother walks 7 km Northwards, and then travels 13 km towards his right. Then he turns left and travels a further of 11 km. What is the vertical distance covered by my brother from the starting to the ending point?

    A. 11
    B. 18
    C. 21
    D. 13

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