Lower division clerk for Today Friday, 07 August 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: How many types of ore minerals are known and discovered till the present?

    A. 2800
    B. 2000
    C. 100
    D. 450

Question 2: What is the ring surrounding Saturn made up of?

    A. Minerals
    B. Dust
    C. Gasses
    D. Ore

Question 3: How many Union Territories does India have, at present?

    A. 7
    B. 6
    C. 5
    D. 8

Question 4: Who overthrew the Hoysala Empire during the Khilji dynasty?

    A. Alauddin Khilji
    B. Jala ud din Khilji
    C. Malik Kafur
    D. Sultan Khan

Question 5: Who is PAL in the trio LAL BAL PAL?

    A. Ballavbhai Patel
    B. Ravinandan Pillai
    C. Bipin Chandra Pal
    D. Shivaram Pal

Question 6: Who served as the Prime Ministers of the whole Pala reign?

    A. Line of Gaudas
    B. Line of Gargas
    C. Line of Hemisthas
    D. Line of Tungas

Question 7: Who was the `Sarvadhinayak` of the Tamralipta Jatiya Sarkar?

    A. Ajoy Mukherjee
    B. Satish Chandra Samanta
    C. Sushil Chandra Dhara
    D. Narendra Dev

Question 8: Who became the first Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Minister of Karnataka?

    A. R. Ashok
    B. Govind M. Karjol
    C. H. D. Kumaraswamy
    D. B. S. Yeddyurappa

Question 9: In 2013, the Dada Saheb Phalke Award was given to

    A. Aamir Khan
    B. Soumitra Chatterjee
    C. Gulzar
    D. None of the above

Question 10: What does UNDP stand for?

    A. United Nations Development Programme
    B. United Nations Direct Price
    C. United Nations Department Institution
    D. United Nations Devaluation Price

Question 11: The Income Tax Act came into force in which year?

    A. 1960
    B. 1961
    C. 1962
    D. 1963

Question 12: What type of cess has been proposed to be imposed on taxable services by the Indian Government, in India?

    A. Samaj Shebi cess
    B. educational cess
    C. secondary educational cess
    D. Krishi Kalyan cess

Question 13: What does tetravalent carbon atoms link to form?

    A. carbon cube
    B. carbon box
    C. latent carbon
    D. carbon lattice

Question 14: The acidic property changes the colour of which indicator among these?

    A. chloroform
    B. chlorophyll
    C. phenolphthalein
    D. potassium nitrate

Question 15: In which year was the VF theory developed?

    A. 1812
    B. 1814
    C. 1817
    D. 1816

Question 16: How many medical conditions are there in schizophrenia?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 17: What level does a tissue form between cells and complete organ?

    A. cellular organisational level
    B. cellular formation cell
    C. cellular reformation cell
    D. cellular growth cell

Question 18: In which organism cell division is equivalent to reproduction, among these?

    A. amoeba
    B. algae
    C. chlamydomonas
    D. eukaryotes

Question 19: Which Article deals with Right to Constitutional Remedy?

    A. Article No 25
    B. Article No 26
    C. Article No 30
    D. Article No 32

Question 20: According to which Article of Indian Constitution people should boound to provide Education Facilities to his / her child ( between 6 to 14 years)?

    A. Article No 51
    B. Article No 51 A
    C. Article No 51 B
    D. Article No 52

Question 21: Office of any Indian consular officer is called?

    A. Indian consultate
    B. consulatation
    C. Indian consulate
    D. consulate office

Question 22: Come apart

    A. Attach
    B. Separate
    C. Incline
    D. Become sick

Question 23: Smoking is the __________ cancer.

    A. cause
    B. effect
    C. result
    D. source

Question 24: The short poem or speech which recites at the end of any play or drama, is called

    A. Epic
    B. Epilogue
    C. Epitaph
    D. Comedy

Question 25: A train of length 260 m crosses a bridge of length 40 m in 12 seconds. Find the speed of the train.

    A. 60 kmph
    B. 25 kmph
    C. 90 kmph
    D. 100 kmph

Question 26: If a man walks at 6 kmph, he can reach his destination at 9:00 am. However, he walks a little slower and reaches only at 10:00 am. If the distance to his destination was 12 km, at what speed did he walk?

    A. 5 kmph
    B. 4 kmph
    C. 4.5 kmph
    D. 3 kmph

Question 27: How is speed of sound related to absolute temperature?

    A. square
    B. cube
    C. square root
    D. cube root

Question 28: name the tinest element of matter

    A. atom
    B. proton
    C. electron
    D. neutron

Question 29: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
If a movie is a blockbuster, then only I watch it.

    A. I watched a movie, means the movie is a blockbuster
    B. The movie is a blockbuster, therefore I did not watch it
    C. I did not watch a superhit movie
    D. I did not watch the movie means that the movie is not a blockbuster

Question 30: Six students A to F get ranks in an exam from 1 to 6, not necessarily in the same order. None of the students get the same rank.
C is ranked just after A. C is neither the first nor the last rank holder.
E and F are ranked together respectively.
B is ranked before F.
D and B are ranked together respectively.
C has a higher rank than B.
Who ranks first?

    A. C
    B. D
    C. B
    D. A

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