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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Some left over dust particles did not form planets during the formation of Solar system. What are they called?

    A. comets
    B. stars
    C. asteroid belts
    D. satellites

Question 2: When volcanoes erupt, what type of rocks are formed?

    A. Igneous
    B. Sedimentary
    C. Metamorphic
    D. Volcanic

Question 3: Basic industries are based on which parameter?

    A. Role
    B. Raw material
    C. Ownership business
    D. Capital investment

Question 4: Which evidence proved that Guptas were the actual inhabitants of north east part of India?

    A. numismatic
    B. written records
    C. sculptures
    D. substantial evidence

Question 5: When did the Indian Rebellion of 1857 end?

    A. 20 th February
    B. 20 th May
    C. 20 th June
    D. 20 th July

Question 6: What is abhyantara parigraha?

    A. attachment to soul
    B. attachment to body
    C. attachment to inner peace of mind
    D. attachment to internal possessions

Question 7: Who was the Hindu Saint to have as disciple both Hindus and Muslims ?

    A. Sri Chaitanya
    B. Ramanuja
    C. Rabidas
    D. Namdev

Question 8: The objective of TRYSEM is

    A. Training of Rural Youth for Self-employment
    B. Self-employment of Urban Youth
    C. Training for Self-employment of Women
    D. Prepare child development programme

Question 9: Who became the first Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Minister of Karnataka?

    A. R. Ashok
    B. Govind M. Karjol
    C. H. D. Kumaraswamy
    D. B. S. Yeddyurappa

Question 10: Which parameter among these serves as a difference to the international trade and domestic trade

    A. exchange rate
    B. foreign capital
    C. factors of production
    D. profit

Question 11: The Price of a product is determined by which category?

    A. demand
    B. supply
    C. production
    D. capital

Question 12: What does IMF stand for?

    A. International Monetory Fund
    B. Internal Monetory Fund
    C. Ideal Monetory Management
    D. Indian Monetory Fund

Question 13: The acidic property changes the colour of which indicator among these?

    A. chloroform
    B. chlorophyll
    C. phenolphthalein
    D. potassium nitrate

Question 14: What is the combination of orbitals in VB theory?

    A. linear
    B. horizontal
    C. diagonal
    D. haphazard

Question 15: What is the valence of carbon?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 16: Which cell division does prokaryotes undergo?

    A. mitosis
    B. karyokinesis
    C. cytokinesis
    D. binary fission

Question 17: New zygote contains how many pair of chromosomes from each parent?

    A. 23
    B. 46
    C. 21
    D. 42

Question 18: What is a chlorophyll?

    A. organelle
    B. enzyme
    C. molecule
    D. pigment

Question 19: What does the State Legislature deal with?

    A. state affairs
    B. state government affairs
    C. security forces
    D. external security

Question 20: In which year CGA gave a report on Coal Mine Allocation?

    A. 2000
    B. 2009
    C. 2012
    D. 2014

Question 21: Which Part of indian Constitution is dealing with the Fundamental Rights?

    A. Part I
    B. Part II
    C. Part III
    D. Part IV

Question 22: The moon shines ________.

    A. soft
    B. mild
    C. mildly
    D. softness

Question 23: ____________ are you going?

    A. which
    B. who
    C. where
    D. whare

Question 24: Rule out

    A. Eliminate
    B. Increase
    C. Add
    D. React

Question 25: Ram and Raj started a business investing Rs.200000 and Rs.50000 respectively. In what ratio should they divide the profit earned?

    A. 2:05
    B. 5:02
    C. 4:01
    D. 1:04

Question 26: "Change this mixed number to an improper fraction: 12(9/13)"

    A. 129/13
    B. 156/13
    C. 165/13
    D. 167/13

Question 27: Energy cannot be ______ or _______.

    A. created;destroyed
    B. transferred;created
    C. destroyed;transferred
    D. transferred;transmitted

Question 28: name the tinest element of matter

    A. atom
    B. proton
    C. electron
    D. neutron

Question 29: Choose the correct option that satisfies the logic behind building the code in the questions.
If 12AB is coded as 21ZY. How can 98XY be coded?

    A. 89BC
    B. 98CB
    C. 89CB
    D. 98AC

Question 30: Four man A, B, C, D start from a common point. The following information are known about them:
A moved 5 m to the North.
B moved 7 m to the East.
C moved 8 m towards the South.
D moved 6 m towards the West.
A, B, C and D drove towards the right travelling 6m, 8m, 9m and 7m respectively.
A, B, C and D took a left turn and further travelled 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m respectively.
Finally the men stopped their cars.
In which direction is A w.r.t B?

    A. North
    B. North East
    C. North West
    D. South East

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