Intelligence bureau of india for Today Wednesday, 18 September 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the magnitude of navigable waterways available in India, till present?

    A. 14,000 km
    B. 14,350 km
    C. 14,450 km
    D. 14,500 km

Question 2: What is the traffic percentage in NHs, in India?

    A. 20%
    B. 40%
    C. 60%
    D. 70%

Question 3: What are open-pit mines called?

    A. open mines
    B. quarries
    C. quarium
    D. caveines

Question 4: Who was Yijing?

    A. Chinese Buddhist monk
    B. Chinese Brahmin
    C. Chinese mathematician
    D. Chinese priest

Question 5: In which year the Harappa was discovered?

    A. 1919
    B. 1920
    C. 1921
    D. 1922

Question 6: In which state Rangapur is located?

    A. West Bengal
    B. Maharstra
    C. Gujrat
    D. Punjab

Question 7: Who wanted Indian National Congress to be "a safety valve" ?

    A. A. O. Hume
    B. Lord Lytton
    C. W. C. Bannerjee
    D. Surendra Nath Banerjee

Question 8: One turn of DNA helix measures

    A. 34 A Degree
    B. 3.4 A Degree
    C. 24 A Degree
    D. 44 A Degree

Question 9: The word Aryan denotes

    A. Cultivation
    B. A race
    C. Pastoral society
    D. Brahmachari

Question 10: How many members represent general interest in the local boards of RBI?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 11: Which among these is not a determinant of supply?

    A. production cost
    B. future prices
    C. suppliers
    D. market prices

Question 12: When does cyclical unemployment occur?

    A. low demand
    B. high demand
    C. low supply
    D. high supply

Question 13: What percent of water is present in seas and oceans?

    A. 95
    B. 96.5
    C. 97
    D. 96

Question 14: Iron has its body centred structure in which temperature?

    A. 912
    B. 1214
    C. 1374
    D. 1100

Question 15: Which of the following element is most electronegative?

    A. Iodine
    B. Florine
    C. Chlorine
    D. Bromine

Question 16: Respiration is a what type of process?

    A. physical
    B. biological
    C. cellular
    D. biochemical

Question 17: In which organisms, chromatin are not present in cells?

    A. eukaryotes
    B. prokaryotes
    C. erythrocites
    D. parameciums

Question 18: Fibre stimulates what kind of movement in the body?

    A. forward
    B. backward
    C. peristaltic
    D. muscular

Question 19: Which Articles are dealing with the Rights to Freedom?

    A. From Article No 10 to 14
    B. From Article No 14 to 18
    C. From Article No 19 to 22
    D. From Article No 22 to 26

Question 20: Who reserves bill under the consideration of President?

    A. Governor
    B. Chief Minister
    C. Prime Minister
    D. Home Minister

Question 21: Who exposed the Fodder scam?

    A. CAG
    B. WIPO
    C. WFP
    D. PAC

Question 22: The mother advised the son "Look before you leap".

    A. Direct Speech
    B. Indirect Speech
    C. First Person Narrative
    D. Third Person Narrative

Question 23: I was questioned repeatedly about the murder.

    A. Active
    B. Passive
    C. Subjective
    D. Objective

Question 24: He ________ suffering from malaria from last seven days.

    A. was
    B. been
    C. had been
    D. was being

Question 25:

Ram starts a business investing Rs.60000. After 3 months, Shyam joined him investing Rs.75000. Find the ratio of profit shares after a year.

    A. 16:15
    B. 4:05
    C. 3:05
    D. 11:15

Question 26:

P and Q start a business investing Rs.25000 each. Q leaves after a few months. At the end of 2 years, the profit was divided in the ratio of 12:5. After how many months did Q leave?

    A. 5
    B. 10
    C. 12
    D. 8

Question 27: what is the reason for acceleration in a body

    A. balanced force
    B. unbalanced force
    C. mass
    D. electrostatic force

Question 28: what is an example of impulse

    A. Ns
    B. Ns²
    C. kgm/s²
    D. kgm²/s²

Question 29: If PIE = EIP, what does RIP stand for?

    A. PIR
    B. IRP
    C. RPI
    D. PRI

Question 30: Following pair of words having a relation between them. Choose the option that best suits the relationship exhibited in the question.
Alcoholic: Teetotaller

    A. Mega:Enormous
    B. Enormous:Mega
    C. Mega:Mini
    D. Middle:Mean

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