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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the method to rank a river depending on the hierarchy of its tributaries?

    A. The Tributarial Scale Method
    B. The Strahler Stream Order
    C. The Almein Connectivity Order
    D. The Metalurgical Tribunarical Strategy

Question 2: Where is a volcanic rock formed?

    A. Inside earths surface
    B. On earths surface
    C. Inside soil
    D. Volcanic eruption

Question 3: What type of a rock is a volcanic rock?

    A. Sedimentary
    B. Igneous
    C. Metamorphic
    D. Plutonic

Question 4: What is the popular meaning of the Mohenjodaro Civilization?

    A. Mound of Death
    B. Mound of Lives
    C. Mound of Greenaries
    D. Mound of People

Question 5: Delhi sultanate consisted of how many dynasties?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 6
    D. 7

Question 6: For how many years did the female Delhi Sultanate ruler rule?

    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 5
    D. 6

Question 7: Who was the opponent of Babar at the battle of Panipat ?

    A. Ibrahim Lodi
    B. Rana Sanga
    C. Mahmud Lodi
    D. Medini Roy

Question 8: Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is a national of

    A. Argentina
    B. Mexico
    C. Brazil
    D. Uruguay

Question 9: In August 2013, who won the International Children`s Peace Prize?

    A. Angela Merkel
    B. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    C. Silvio Berlusconi
    D. Malala Yousafzai

Question 10: What has been the average growth rate of Indian economy over the last two decades?

    A. 5%
    B. 7%
    C. 6%
    D. 8%

Question 11: Gadgil Formula was adapted in which year?

    A. 1962
    B. 1965
    C. 1969
    D. 1973

Question 12: Why is unemployment affected during inflation?

    A. actual wage rigidity
    B. real wage rigidity
    C. nominal wage rigidity
    D. duplication of wage rigidity

Question 13: What are the mixtures of metals called?

    A. alloys
    B. camons
    C. bronze
    D. camiums

Question 14: What is water used in good services called?

    A. virtual water
    B. ideal water
    C. actual water
    D. real water

Question 15: Which force attracts opposite charges?

    A. electrostatic
    B. electromagnetic
    C. electrolytic
    D. electric

Question 16: Amino acids fall under which category of nutrients?

    A. Carbohydrates
    B. Proteins
    C. Fats
    D. Minerals

Question 17: Vascular cambiums are associated with which meristem?

    A. apical
    B. lateral
    C. intercalary
    D. connective

Question 18: What is the meaning of the word "Collen"?

    A. sticky
    B. attach
    C. gum
    D. rubber

Question 19: What is the range of wavelength of visible light?

    A. 400-800
    B. 450-850
    C. 400-700
    D. 400-750

Question 20: how do bats detect the obstacles in their path

    A. infrasonic waves
    B. radio waves
    C. electro-magnetic waves
    D. ultrasonic waves

Question 21: copper atoms have how many neutrons

    A. 32
    B. 34
    C. 33
    D. 29

Question 22: The CAG is mentioned in which articles?

    A. 148-151
    B. 111-123
    C. 145-187
    D. 167-172

Question 23: According to which Article " the decision of Indian President is ultimatum for Parliamentary works"?

    A. Article No. 100
    B. Article No 101
    C. Article No 102
    D. Article No 103

Question 24: What is total duration of a Panchayeti Raj System ?

    A. 3 years
    B. 5 years
    C. 7 years
    D. 9 years

Question 25: A train 200m long travelling at a speed of 150 kmph overtakes another train travelling at a speed of 90 kmph in 18 seconds. Find the length of the second train.

    A. 90m
    B. 120m
    C. 150m
    D. 100m

Question 26:


    A. 42099
    B. 42221
    C. 42038
    D. 42162

Question 27: There is a certain four digit number whose fourth digit is twice the first digit. Third digit is three more than second digit. Sum of the first and fourth digits is twice the third number. What was that number?

    A. 3036
    B. 4368
    C. 4148
    D. 3146

Question 28: The sum of squares of three numbers is 280. If the numbers are in the ratio 3:5:6, find the greatest number.

    A. 8
    B. 6
    C. 12
    D. 18

Question 29: P is the sister of Qs wifes brother-in-laws father. If Qs father-in-law has only one child, how is Q related to P?

    A. Nephew
    B. Niece
    C. Aunt
    D. Daughter

Question 30: 61 26 87; 24 36 60; 74 ? 76

    A. 22
    B. 2
    C. 6
    D. 12

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