Indian police service for Today Wednesday, 24 July 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What does GMT stand for?

    A. Greenwich Mode Time
    B. Greenwich Mean Time
    C. Greenwich Major Time
    D. Greenwich Metropolitan Time

Question 2: How does a sedimentary rock convert itself to an igneous rock?

    A. Erosion
    B. Degradation
    C. Pollution
    D. Volcanic eruption

Question 3: What is the distance covered by the longest railway track of India?

    A. 4723 km
    B. 4273 km
    C. 4327 km
    D. 4372 km

Question 4: In which month did the Salt March come to an end?

    A. June
    B. May
    C. April
    D. Januray

Question 5: Qadiri saints depended on which segment of the religion?

    A. non-violence
    B. liberation
    C. enlightenment
    D. orthodoxy

Question 6: In which year was King Henrys Act of Supremacy repealed?

    A. 1554
    B. 1558
    C. 1557
    D. 1559

Question 7: Who wrote the article "New Lamps for Old" ?

    A. Arabinda Ghosh
    B. B. G Tilak
    C. S. N. Banerjee
    D. J. N. Banerjee

Question 8: Liberalisation means: (1) Removal of industrial licensing (2) Dereservation of items from the SSI List (3) Withdrawal of MRTP restrictions, Which ones were contemplated by the Government of India in the 1990`s ?

    A. 1, 2 and 3
    B. 1 and 2
    C. 1 and 3
    D. 2 and 3

Question 9: How many times did the President of India declare National Emergency so far ?

    A. Never
    B. Only once
    C. Only twice
    D. Thrice

Question 10: According to Ricardian theory, which factor of production is assumed to be the only input?

    A. Land
    B. Labour
    C. Capital
    D. Entrepreneur

Question 11: The PC was dissolved to form what Commission?

    A. Unnayan Ayog
    B. NITI Ayog
    C. Sukanya Samriddhi Ayog
    D. Kisan Ayog

Question 12: What type of cess has been proposed to be imposed on taxable services by the Indian Government, in India?

    A. Samaj Shebi cess
    B. educational cess
    C. secondary educational cess
    D. Krishi Kalyan cess

Question 13: Who established the relationship between photographic plates and phosphorescence?

    A. Marie Currie
    B. William Rontgen
    C. Henry Bequerrel
    D. Robertson Baren

Question 14: State which information is false about electron?

    A. It is a particle.
    B. It emits energy while moving in orbit.
    C. It has wave like property
    D. Its motion is affected by magnetic field

Question 15: Which waves are involved in chemical bonding?

    A. chemical waves
    B. electromagnetic waves
    C. catalytic waves
    D. matter waves

Question 16: How is chromosome duplicated?

    A. genetic recombination
    B. genetic combination
    C. genetic upgradation
    D. genetic mutation

Question 17: Nutrition is the interaction between nutrients and which substance among these?

    A. proteins
    B. carbohydrates
    C. anthocyanins
    D. digestive enzymes

Question 18: What is gaseous exchange with lungs called?

    A. inhalation
    B. ventilation
    C. exhalation
    D. gaseous exchange

Question 19: Office of any Indian consular officer is called?

    A. Indian consultate
    B. consulatation
    C. Indian consulate
    D. consulate office

Question 20: Which Article deals with the total number of members of Lok Sabha?

    A. Article No. 80
    B. Article No 81
    C. Article No 82
    D. Article No 83

Question 21: According to which Article the President can be impeached?

    A. Article No 55
    B. Article No 56
    C. Article No 60
    D. Article No 61

Question 22: Spring

    A. Vernal
    B. Springlike
    C. Springly
    D. Springed

Question 23: No sooner I started to school, than it began to rain.

    A. did I start
    B. would I start
    C. had I started
    D. No Error

Question 24: The speaker left the scene before long.

    A. The speaker
    B. left the scene
    C. before long
    D. No Error

Question 25: A completed a 500 m race in 40 seconds and beat B by 10 seconds. Find the ratio of the speeds of A and B.

    A. 4:05
    B. 5:04
    C. 4:01
    D. 4:03

Question 26: From an ordinary pack of cards, two cards are drawn out at random. Find the probability that they consist of a king and a queen.

    A. 5/1326
    B. 2/663
    C. 8/1326
    D. 8/663

Question 27: When was Eulers Law introduced?

    A. 1870
    B. 1750
    C. 1777
    D. 1850

Question 28: What does visible lights contain?

    A. energies
    B. wavelenghts
    C. waves
    D. magnetic influences

Question 29: In a family of eight members, there are two married couples.
William is the brother of Sunita who is the daughter-in-law of P.
Thomas is the grandson of Q.
Robert is the only nephew of V.
Urvashi is the sister and the daughter of Thomas and Robert respectively.
Q is the only child and William is the brother-in-law of Robert.
How is Ps grandson related to Roberts brother-in-law?

    A. Nephew
    B. Brother
    C. Uncle
    D. Son

Question 30: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
If I play well, the team can win the match

    A. I did not play well so we didnt win the match.
    B. The team won the match means I played well.
    C. The team did not win the match which means that I did not play well
    D. More than one of the above

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