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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What type of extraction process is used to extract petroleum?

    A. mining
    B. extraction
    C. drilling
    D. quarring

Question 2: What are the solid particles called from which sedimentary rocks are formed?

    A. Detritus
    B. Entities
    C. Particles
    D. Stones

Question 3: Seismic waves are a result of?

    A. Erathquakes
    B. Floods
    C. Draught
    D. Forestfire

Question 4: Which among these is not a Veda of the Vedic system?

    A. Yashika
    B. Rig
    C. Sama
    D. Atharva

Question 5: What is the starting year of rule of the Mauryan dynasty?

    A. 318 BCE
    B. 312 BCE
    C. 322 BCE
    D. 332 BCE

Question 6: Theravada has huge followers in which country, apart from India?

    A. Sri- Lanka
    B. Myanmar
    C. Bhutan
    D. Nepal

Question 7: The most densely populated Indian state in the 2011 census is

    A. Kerala
    B. West Bengal
    C. Uttar Pradesh
    D. Jharkhand

Question 8: Noonmati is known for the location of a

    A. Public sector oil refinery
    B. Private sector coal field
    C. Private sector oil refinery
    D. Public sector coal field

Question 9: Which one of the following newspapers/journals was from Maharashtra ?

    A. Kranti
    B. Atmasakti
    C. Sarathi
    D. Sandhya

Question 10: When was the first bank of India liquidated?

    A. 1829-1833
    B. 1829-1832
    C. 1828-1832
    D. 1828-1833

Question 11: Which parameter among these serves as a difference to the international trade and domestic trade

    A. exchange rate
    B. foreign capital
    C. factors of production
    D. profit

Question 12: Who is the Deputy Chairperson of the Planning Commission?

    A. Chief Minister
    B. Governor
    C. Cabinet Minister
    D. Prime Minister

Question 13: Which technique among these is used to test purity of organic compounds?

    A. chromatography
    B. chemotherapy
    C. electrography
    D. eleicography

Question 14: During atomic fission huge amount of energy is released due to..

    A. Loss of alpha particles
    B. Loss of protons
    C. Loss of electrons
    D. Loss of mass

Question 15: Who established the relationship between photographic plates and phosphorescence?

    A. Marie Currie
    B. William Rontgen
    C. Henry Bequerrel
    D. Robertson Baren

Question 16: What is the temperature required for a sperm to survive?

    A. 2-3 degree less
    B. 2-3 degree more
    C. 4-5 degree less
    D. 4-5 degree more

Question 17: In which month was the life form of bacteria in which year?

    A. January
    B. March
    C. April
    D. June

Question 18: Epithelial tissue has membranes which are

    A. permeable
    B. non-permeable
    C. semi-permeable
    D. over-permeable

Question 19: Which Articles are dealing with the Fundamental Rights?

    A. From Article No 10 to 40
    B. From Article No 10 to 30
    C. From Article No 12 to 45
    D. From Article No 12 to 35

Question 20: What is the minimum age limit to be a member of Lok Sabha?

    A. 20
    B. 25
    C. 26
    D. 27

Question 21: In which date was Objectives Resolution drafted?

    A. 13 rd December
    B. 12 nd December
    C. 18 th December
    D. 19 th December

Question 22: Sanity

    A. Average
    B. Lunacy
    C. sunny
    D. Proudy

Question 23: Insipid

    A. Palatable
    B. Delicious
    C. Tasty
    D. Appetising

Question 24: The cat jumped ___________ well.

    A. in
    B. within
    C. at
    D. into

Question 25: A, B and C invest Rs.50000, Rs.75000 and Rs.125000 in a business respectively. The profit earned is Rs.20000. Find the profit share of B.

    A. Rs.2000
    B. Rs.4000
    C. Rs.6000
    D. Rs.10000

Question 26: Ramesh analysed the monthly salary figures of five vice presidents of his company. All the salary figures are in integer lakhs. The mean and the median salary figures are Rs. 5 lakhs, and the only mode is Rs. 8 lakhs. Which of the options below is the sum of the highest and the lowest salaries?

    A. Rs. 9 lakhs
    B. Rs. 10 laksh
    C. Rs. 11 lakhs
    D. Rs. 12 lakhs

Question 27: What happens when the voltage on the base of a transistor increases

    A. turn on
    B. turn off
    C. not enough information
    D. remains the same

Question 28: Which phenomenon is used to measure temperature?

    A. measurement of potential energy
    B. thermal radiation
    C. measurement of conventional energy
    D. thermal detection

Question 29: In a dice, a pair of adjacent faces is marked as A, a pair of opposite faces is marked as B and another pair of adjacent faces is marked as C. The dice is cut into 125 identical cubes.
How many small cubes can have exactly one kind of marking on their face?

    A. 60
    B. 45
    C. 54
    D. 15

Question 30: In 34 minutes, what is the angle formed by the minute hand?

    A. 132
    B. 194
    C. 204
    D. 214

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