Indian navy for Today Tuesday, 23 July 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the distance between Saturn and Jupiter, measured in astronomical units?

    A. 4.3
    B. 4.2
    C. 4.5
    D. 4.6

Question 2: Which latitudes are covered by Westerlies?

    A. 35-65
    B. 30-60
    C. 40-70
    D. 45-75

Question 3: What type of rock is a plutonic rock?

    A. Igneous
    B. Metamorphic
    C. Volcanic
    D. Sedimentary

Question 4: Greased cartridge was initiated in Fort William in which year?

    A. 1854
    B. 1855
    C. 1856
    D. 1857

Question 5: Which religion did the people of the Pala Empire follow?

    A. Jainism
    B. Sikhism
    C. Buddhism
    D. Islam

Question 6: The analogy of which metal is the meaning of "Karma" in Jainism?

    A. silver
    B. copper
    C. gold
    D. tin

Question 7: The UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy was adopted by

    A. Security Council
    B. General Assembly
    C. Economic and Social Council
    D. International Labour Organisation

Question 8: Who among the following has won the Best Director`s Award in the 50th National Film Awards declared recently?

    A. Ketan Mehta
    B. Tapan Sinha
    C. Apama Sen
    D. Shyam Benegal

Question 9: `Sundarbans` has been cited as a World Heritage site due to its

    A. Tiger reserves
    B. Sundari trees
    C. Mangrove trees
    D. Biodiversity

Question 10: What does LEI stand for?

    A. Life Economic Index
    B. Life Economic Ideal
    C. Long-run Economic Index
    D. Long-run Economic Ideal

Question 11: Which among these reduces income of business tax-payers?

    A. taxable items sold
    B. taxable items purchased
    C. profit in the business
    D. cost of goods

Question 12: What percent of development is contributed to industry of FYP?

    A. 8.40%
    B. 3.50%
    C. 6.70%
    D. 7.50%

Question 13: The distinction of metallurgy depends on which metal?

    A. copper
    B. lead
    C. iron
    D. tin

Question 14: In which year was the VF theory developed?

    A. 1812
    B. 1814
    C. 1817
    D. 1816

Question 15: What percent is the production of ferrous metals?

    A. 90
    B. 95
    C. 96
    D. 97

Question 16: In what relationships bacteria exist?

    A. symbiotic
    B. parasymbiotic
    C. hyposymbiotic
    D. hypersymbiotic

Question 17: How much percentage of Earths atmosphere is nitrogen?

    A. 50%
    B. 65%
    C. 73%
    D. 78%

Question 18: In which area is biodiversity richest on the Earths surface?

    A. equator
    B. temperate
    C. poles
    D. tropic

Question 19: Office of any Indian consular officer is called?

    A. Indian consultate
    B. consulatation
    C. Indian consulate
    D. consulate office

Question 20: Which state has the highest autonomy in India?

    A. Mumbai
    B. Kolkata
    C. Jammu and Kashmir
    D. Delhi

Question 21: The CAG is mentioned in which articles?

    A. 148-151
    B. 111-123
    C. 145-187
    D. 167-172

Question 22: It was not her fault but still

    A. she did not apologise
    B. she apologised
    C. she was angry
    D. she was dessolate

Question 23: He knows hindi ________ English.

    A. beside
    B. besides
    C. with
    D. between

Question 24: The army of militeries have saved the lives of the victims.

    A. Collective Noun
    B. Common Noun
    C. Countable Noun
    D. Uncountable Noun

Question 25:

A sum of Rs.50000 was divided into two parts and the first part was deposited at 10% simple interest and the second part at 8% interest. At the end of two years, the interest earned was Rs.8800 . Find the amount deposited at 8% interest.

    A. Rs.20000
    B. Rs.30000
    C. Rs.25000
    D. Rs.24000

Question 26:

In an English exam, the average marks of a class of 19 students is 75. The average of the first 10 students is 86 and the average of the last 10 students is 65. Find the mark scored by the tenth student.

    A. 85
    B. 75
    C. 76
    D. 75.5

Question 27: name the type of sound waves that can propagate in solids

    A. longitudinal only
    B. transverse waves only
    C. either a & b
    D. non mechanical waves only

Question 28: what are the characteristics magnetic substances have

    A. They can give a “shock” when you touch them.
    B. They can push or pull objects they are not touching.
    C. They are always black and cold to touch.
    D. They fall faster than other objects when you drop them.

Question 29:

The profit earned from a firm is to be divided between A, B and C in the ratio of 3:5:2. If Bs share is Rs.88900, find Cs share.

    A. Rs.44450
    B. Rs.53340
    C. Rs.17780
    D. Rs.35560

Question 30:


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