Data entry operator general or ssc for Today Wednesday, 01 April 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What does GMT stand for?

    A. Greenwich Mode Time
    B. Greenwich Mean Time
    C. Greenwich Major Time
    D. Greenwich Metropolitan Time

Question 2: Which of these is the hottest latitude?

    A. Equator
    B. Tropic of Capricorn
    C. Tropic of Cancer
    D. Pole

Question 3: The measurement unit of Earthquakes is?

    A. Richter scale
    B. Magnitude scale
    C. Force
    D. Force/km

Question 4: What is the starting year of rule of the Mauryan dynasty?

    A. 318 BCE
    B. 312 BCE
    C. 322 BCE
    D. 332 BCE

Question 5: How many presidency armies were there in the Indian rebellion?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 6: How many times did Mahmud of Ghazni attack India?

    A. 7
    B. 10
    C. 13
    D. 17

Question 7: Name the author of the book `India Wins Freedom`

    A. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
    B. Sardar Ballavbhai Patel
    C. Gobind Ballav Pant
    D. None of the above

Question 8: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was established in

    A. 1981
    B. 1982
    C. 1983
    D. 1984

Question 9: The 97th Annual Session of the Indian Science Congress was held

    A. Tbiruvananthapuram, Kerala
    B. IIT. Kharagpur, West Bengal
    C. Bangalore, Karnataka
    D. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Question 10: Which among these is not an objective of the FYP?

    A. achieving socio-economic targets
    B. existence of centrally coordinating planning
    C. economic resources
    D. growth of national income

Question 11: Tax is derived from which word?

    A. Taxo
    B. Taxonomy
    C. Taxity
    D. Taxa

Question 12: The income tax department is the biggest ____________________ of the Government.

    A. actual earning
    B. public funding
    C. financial gain
    D. revenue mobiliser

Question 13: Which is the main atom present in acids?

    A. hydrogen
    B. water
    C. hydronium
    D. hydrogen sulphide

Question 14: When acid dissolves in water, what type of reaction is formed?

    A. exothermic
    B. endothermic
    C. reversible
    D. irreversible

Question 15: Cathode rays are --- charged

    A. Positively charge
    B. Negetively charged
    C. Neutral charge
    D. None of the above

Question 16: The __________ encountered in water during locomotion is much more than in air.

    A. speed
    B. friction
    C. drag
    D. force

Question 17: What is the function of permanent tissues in plants?

    A. cellular substitution
    B. cellular fermentation
    C. cellular gravitation
    D. cellular differentiation

Question 18: What is the shape of spirochaetes?

    A. stick
    B. coiled
    C. square
    D. rod

Question 19: Who is the Chairman of Superior Civil Services of Royal Commission?

    A. Lord Mountbatten
    B. Lord Canning
    C. Lord Hastings
    D. Lord Lee

Question 20: According which Article the Vice President of India is considered as the Officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

    A. Article No. 80
    B. Article No. 85
    C. Article No. 89
    D. Article No.99

Question 21: Which article states that any person voluntarily accepting citizenship of any other country is no longer an Indian citizen?

    A. 5
    B. 4
    C. 3
    D. 2

Question 22: Myself

    A. Myselfs
    B. Myselfes
    C. Ourselves
    D. Myselve

Question 23: Rishi is going to Delhi to attain his sister marriage.

    A. Delhi
    B. attain his sister marriage
    C. marriage
    D. No Object

Question 24: As the sun began to set

    A. Adverb clause
    B. Adjective clause
    C. Noun clause
    D. Independent clause

Question 25: If the length of a rectangle is halved and the breadth is tripled, by how much % does the area of the rectangle increase?

    A. 20%
    B. 30%
    C. 50%
    D. 100%

Question 26: Three pipes, A, B, & C are attached to a tank. A & B can fill it in 20 & 30 minutes respectively while C can empty it in 15 minutes. If A, B & C are kept open successively for 1 minute each, how soon will the tank be filled?

    A. 180 minutes
    B. 167 minutes
    C. 200 minutes
    D. 178 minutes

Question 27: Dynamics is concerned with the study of forces along with which element?

    A. torque
    B. work
    C. power
    D. energy

Question 28: Angular acceleration is measured in what per unit time?

    A. radius
    B. radians
    C. radions
    D. radioscs

Question 29: tell the relationship Guide is to direct as reduce is to

    A. decrease
    B. maintain
    C. increase
    D. preserve

Question 30: At 9:00 AM, the minute hand of a clock points towards North-East direction. In which direction does the hour hand point at 3:00 PM.

    A. North West
    B. South
    C. North East
    D. South East

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