Data entry operator general or ssc for Today Wednesday, 19 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the latitude of Tropic of Cancer?

    A. 23.5 N
    B. 23.5 S
    C. 90 N
    D. 90 S

Question 2: Which type of vegetation is found in the deltas region?

    A. Rainforest
    B. Temperate
    C. Mangrove
    D. Deciduous

Question 3: In which state, out of these, is Copper found, in India?

    A. Bihar
    B. West Bengal
    C. Rajasthan
    D. Chattisgarh

Question 4: How many internal possessions are there in Jainism?

    A. 12
    B. 14
    C. 16
    D. 17

Question 5: What was the home city of the founder of Raushaniya?

    A. Chandigarh
    B. Patiala
    C. Ludhiana
    D. Jalandhar

Question 6: Who was the first emperor of the Mauryan dynasty?

    A. Chandragupta
    B. Samudragupta
    C. Chandragupta II
    D. Rajashanigupta

Question 7: The book which is at the centrepiece of the study of Macro-Economics was written by

    A. Prof. J.M. Keynes
    B. Prof. Benham
    C. Prof. Baumol
    D. Prof. Samuelson

Question 8: Who was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress?

    A. Annie Besant
    B. Vijayluxmi Pandit
    D. Arana Asaf Ali

Question 9: Who was elected as the Ninth President of International Olympic Committee(IOC) on 10th September, 2013?

    A. Ching-Kuo-Wu
    B. Sergei Bubka
    C. Richard Carrion
    D. Thomas Bach

Question 10: Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI?

    A. Dr. B.C. Roy
    B. C.D. Deshmukh
    C. Raghuram Rajan
    D. Sri Gopalacharya

Question 11: What was the origin of Alfred Marshall?

    A. Russian
    B. French
    C. Spanish
    D. English

Question 12: Inflation is the increase in?

    A. demand
    B. supply
    C. price
    D. cost

Question 13: 1 bar = how many Pascals?

    A. 1.5lk
    B. 100
    C. 1lk
    D. 1k

Question 14: What is beta decay?

    A. Transformation of neutron to electron
    B. Transformation of neutron to a proton or vice versa
    C. Transformation of neutron to proton
    D. Transformation of proton to electron

Question 15: The osmotic pressure of a dilute solution is directly proportional to which type of solution?

    A. dilute
    B. non permeable
    C. concentrated
    D. moderately permeable

Question 16: What is the full form of ADP?

    A. Amine Di-Phosphate
    B. Amide Di-Phosphate
    C. Adinosine Di-Phosphate
    D. Adinomide Di-Phosphate

Question 17: Active DNA is present inside?

    A. Heterochromatin
    B. Euchromatin
    C. Prochromatin
    D. Homochromatin

Question 18: What is the effect of prostaglandins?

    A. Prostate cancer
    B. Vasodilation
    C. Vasoconstriction
    D. Heartattack

Question 19: Which articles provide for the Public Service Commissions?

    A. 312-320
    B. 315-322
    C. 325-323
    D. 315-323

Question 20: How many High Courts are in India?

    A. 20
    B. 21
    C. 22
    D. 23

Question 21: Andaman and Nicobar islands is included under the jurisdiction of which High Court?

    A. Calcutta High Court
    B. Haryana High Court
    C. Bombay High Court
    D. None of these

Question 22: I came here ____ meet her.

    A. and
    B. to
    C. because
    D. of

Question 23: The dog is blind __________ bothe eyes.

    A. to
    B. at
    C. in
    D. of

Question 24: "Can you guess tha name?"

    A. I was asked to guess the name.
    B. You were asked to guess the name.
    C. I was asked that whether I can guess the name
    D. First and Third option, both can be possible

Question 25: A number which when divided by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, leaves the remainder 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. Such largest 5 digit number is :

    A. 99960
    B. 999579
    C. 99539
    D. 99959

Question 26: A tank is filled by three pipes with uniform flow. The first two pipes operating simultaneously fill the tank in the same time during which the tank is filled by the third pipe alone. The second pipe fills the tank 5 hours faster than the first pipe and 4 hours slower than the third pipe. The time required by the first pipe is

    A. 6 hours
    B. 10 hours
    C. 15 hours
    D. 30 hours

Question 27: what is a resistance of a closed switch

    A. 0
    B. about 50ohms
    C. about 500ohms
    D. infinity

Question 28: On which day was the metric system legalised?

    A. 21-Jul
    B. 28-Jul
    C. 25-Jul
    D. 24-Jul

Question 29: A watch was observed to be slow by 1 minute at 8:00 AM. At 6:00 PM on the same day, it was observed that the watch was 1 minute fast. The watch gains uniformly throughout the day. At what time will the watch show a correct time?

    A. 12:00 noon
    B. 1:00 PM
    C. 2:00 PM
    D. 3:00 PM

Question 30: what dates of April, 2001 did Wednesday fall?

    A. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
    B. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
    C. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
    D. 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

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