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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: The longest railway track of India joins Assam with another Indian state. Which is that concerned state?

    A. Karnataka
    B. Tamil Nadu
    C. Kerala
    D. Goa

Question 2: What is the area of cover of India?

    A. 3 million sq km
    B. 3.2 million sq km
    C. 3.3 million sq km
    D. 3.5 million sq km

Question 3: What are the small rivers, rising from a major river, called?

    A. streams
    B. sud-rivers
    C. waterbodies
    D. tributaries

Question 4: Which supremacy describes the sovereignity of civil laws?

    A. Royal Supremacy
    B. Civil supremacy
    C. Church Supremacy
    D. Sovereign Supremacy

Question 5: Licchavi of Anga was a part of which present state?

    A. Assam
    B. West Bengal
    C. Orissa
    D. Punjab

Question 6: Which is not included in the Buddhism threefold practise?

    A. generosity
    B. virtue
    C. meditation
    D. liberation

Question 7: Who is the author of the book `Long Walk to Freedom`?

    A. Bill Clinton
    B. Fantz Fanon
    C. Nelson Mandela
    D. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Question 8: India`s third research station in Antarctica will be named

    A. Gangotri
    B. Maitri
    C. Bharti
    D. Alka

Question 9: Who was the first editor of "The Yugantar" ?

    A. Barindra Ghosh
    B. Bipin Chandra Pal
    C. Jatindra Nath Mukherjee
    D. Ullaskar Dutta

Question 10: What is the present value of Indian currency to US Dollars?

    A. 66.67
    B. 66.68
    C. 66.69
    D. 66.6

Question 11: The place where coins are made is called?

    A. mint
    B. bank
    C. mine
    D. house

Question 12: When was the Reserve Bank of India Act established?

    A. 1932
    B. 1934
    C. 1936
    D. 1938

Question 13: What type of a fluid is gas?

    A. compressible
    B. incompressible
    C. maleable
    D. immlaeable

Question 14: Which includes VB theory?

    A. polar covalency
    B. electrolysis
    C. catalysis
    D. resonance

Question 15: Cathode rays are --- charged

    A. Positively charge
    B. Negetively charged
    C. Neutral charge
    D. None of the above

Question 16: What are the biologically heritable changes called?

    A. inherritance
    B. heredity
    C. evolution
    D. reproduction

Question 17: What is the som total of the amount of related DNA base pairs, as discovered, on Earth?

    A. 5 * 10 ^ 37
    B. 4 * 10 ^ 37
    C. 5 * 10 ^ 35
    D. 4 * 10 ^ 35

Question 18: What is the level of species diversity called?

    A. taxonomist diversity
    B. genetic diversity
    C. specific diversity
    D. morphological diversity

Question 19: Which Aricle of Indian Constitution deals with Supreme Court?

    A. Article No 100
    B. Article No 110
    C. Article No 117
    D. Article No 124

Question 20: What is the term of the members of Vidhan Parishad?

    A. 3 years
    B. 2 years
    C. 4 years
    D. 5 years

Question 21: According to which Article the President can be impeached?

    A. Article No 55
    B. Article No 56
    C. Article No 60
    D. Article No 61

Question 22: Honesty is the best policy.

    A. Common Noun
    B. Material Noun
    C. Collective Noun
    D. Abstract Noun

Question 23: Silence

    A. Music
    B. Dance
    C. Cacoghecy
    D. Happyness

Question 24: Rishi is going to Delhi to attain his sister marriage.

    A. Delhi
    B. attain his sister marriage
    C. marriage
    D. No Object

Question 25:

The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 4 and 60. Which of the following could be those numbers?

    A. 24,60
    B. 6,40
    C. 12,20
    D. 18,40

Question 26:

The downstream speed of a boat is twice its upstream speed. Find the ratio of the speed of the boat to the speed of the stream.

    A. 3:01
    B. 2:01
    C. 1:02
    D. 3:02

Question 27: which waves do not require any kind of medium to propagate

    A. sound waves
    B. earthquakes waves
    C. light waves
    D. water surface waves

Question 28: on which is the Kirchhoffs second law is based on law of conservation of

    A. charge
    B. energy
    C. momentum
    D. mass

Question 29: What will be the angle formed between the minute and the hour hand when the clock strikes 3:14?

    A. 10
    B. 12
    C. 13
    D. 14

Question 30: A boy cycles 4 km to the west, bends rightwards and travels a more of 9 km. He turns towards the East and travels 12 km more. And finally he reaches his destination by travelling a distance of 3 km more towards the South. What is the distance he has covered from the point he had started cycling?

    A. 15
    B. 23
    C. 18
    D. 10

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