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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the average height of Himalaya, above the sea level, in meters?

    A. 8000
    B. 4080
    C. 6000
    D. 5400

Question 2: Which among these is an effect of earthquake?

    A. Pollution
    B. Forestfire
    C. Bonfire
    D. Draught

Question 3: When a mass which rotates experiences a kind of force, perpendicular to the direction of motion, an effect is produced. The effect is called?

    A. Rotational Effect
    B. Centrifugal Effect
    C. Centripetal Effect
    D. Coriolis Force

Question 4: In which year did Muslims enter India?

    A. 350
    B. 800
    C. 711
    D. 735

Question 5: The invaders of Gupta Empire were from which area?

    A. Central Asia
    B. East Asia
    C. West Asia
    D. South Asia

Question 6: In which place did the Salt March come to an end?

    A. Ganga
    B. Narmada
    C. Tribeni Sangam
    D. Dandi

Question 7: Who published the `Bharat Mata`?

    A. Ajit Singh
    B. C. R. Das
    C. B. C. Tilak
    D. S.N. Banerjee

Question 8: "Hindu Mela" was organised by

    A. Nabagopal Mitra
    B. Swami Vivekananda
    C. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
    D. Keshab Chandra Sen

Question 9: BPL means:

    A. Below Proverty Line
    B. Behind Public Litigation
    C. Beyond Private Limits
    D. Barren Public Land

Question 10: How many parameters are there to calculate GDP Deflector?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 11: What is the growth in GDP in 2015-16, in India?

    A. 7.20%
    B. 7.40%
    C. 7.60%
    D. 7.80%

Question 12: In H-O Model, which of these factor is assumed to be constant?

    A. Land
    B. Price
    C. Technology
    D. Production

Question 13: Who studied soaps to separate fats and alkali?

    A. Michael Carmichael
    B. Michel Chevreul
    C. Miam Johnson
    D. Milano Frederick

Question 14: Through which process is water formed from hydrogen peroxide?

    A. electrolysis
    B. catalysis
    C. disproportionation
    D. distillation

Question 15: 1 bar = how many Pascals?

    A. 1.5lk
    B. 100
    C. 1lk
    D. 1k

Question 16: What is the chemical component of a cell, including water, inorganic ions, organic molecules?

    A. glandules
    B. capsules
    C. hormones
    D. lipid

Question 17: What is fish farming known as?

    A. pisciculture
    B. marineculture
    C. aquaculture
    D. bioculture

Question 18: Which type of infection is considered a disease?

    A. asymptomatic
    B. symptomatic
    C. asymmetric
    D. symmetric

Question 19: Few seats are reserved for SC and ST candidates of the Panchayet ----- the statement is

    A. TRUE
    B. FALSE
    C. May be
    D. May not be

Question 20: Which among these is not a legislative power list?

    A. Parliamentary
    B. Union
    C. State
    D. Concurrent

Question 21: According to which Article President can able to appoint Retire Judges on temporary basis?

    A. Article No 128
    B. Article No 177
    C. Article No 140
    D. Article No 141

Question 22: I had a little doubt that she will fail, ________ she did not succeed.

    A. and
    B. because
    C. as
    D. but

Question 23: They started from home late; They reached the party very late

    A. because
    B. therefore
    C. since
    D. if

Question 24: Rule out

    A. Eliminate
    B. Increase
    C. Add
    D. React

Question 25: What would be the circumference of a circle whose area is 616 sq cm?

    A. 140 cm
    B. 88 cm
    C. 70 cm
    D. 44 cm

Question 26: Joan started work 2 years ago. Her starting salary was half of Mikes salary at that time. Each year since then Joan and Mike have received a rise of 10% in their respective salary. What percentage (to the nearest percent) of Mikes current salary is Joans current salary?

    A. 45
    B. 46
    C. 48
    D. 50

Question 27: Which line passes through the centre of curvature in a mirror?

    A. axis
    B. focal length
    C. length
    D. principal axis

Question 28: A lever is a what type of body?

    A. non-rigid
    B. rigid
    C. regular
    D. irregular

Question 29: Following pair of words having a relation between them. Choose the option that best suits the relationship exhibited in the question.
Horse: Hustler

    A. Morgue:Mortician
    B. Zoo:Zoomonger
    C. Elephant: Mahout
    D. Fish:Aquarium

Question 30: Ten friends are sitting in a row. Akhil is sitting fifth in the row. His friend Rohan is sitting leaving two seats after him to the right. Camelia sits between Rohan and Lalit who sits next to Akhil to his right. What is Camelias position?

    A. 6
    B. 7
    C. 8
    D. 4

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