Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for Today Friday, 24 May 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: The atmospheric pressure of the Indian ocean drops, when the monsson reaches south east region of Asia. What is this phenomenon called?

    A. atmospheric pressure drop
    B. southern trade wind
    C. southern monsoon
    D. southern oscillation

Question 2: The longest expressway in India, connects Greater Noida with which state?

    A. Uttaranchal
    B. Uttarakhand
    C. Uttar Pradesh
    D. Himachal Pradesh

Question 3: When a mass which rotates experiences a kind of force, perpendicular to the direction of motion, an effect is produced. The effect is called?

    A. Rotational Effect
    B. Centrifugal Effect
    C. Centripetal Effect
    D. Coriolis Force

Question 4: Iltutmish killed which emperor to success his throne?

    A. Aibak
    B. Aram Shah
    C. Amir Shab
    D. Bishab Babaduri

Question 5: Which present state was the capital of the Mughal Empire?

    A. Delhi
    B. Calcutta
    C. Bombay
    D. Agra

Question 6: How many dynasties were there in the Delhi Sultanate?

    A. 3
    B. 5
    C. 4
    D. 7

Question 7: The word "demarche" recently appeared in the news in the wake of Mumbai Terror Attacks. What is a "demarche"?

    A. A sudden air-strike on a specific area in a foreign country
    B. A secret report on subversive activities within a state
    C. Diplomatic representation of a government position
    D. Recommendations to the government on police reforms

Question 8: Who played the role of Magambo in the movie Mr. India ?

    A. Shekhar Kapur
    B. Amrish Puri
    C. Javed Akhtar
    D. Gabbar Singh

Question 9: Who recently discovered ancient Buddhist relics buried underground in central Asia?

    A. Marshall
    B. Orelsteirt
    C. Dayaram Sahni
    D. R.D. Banerjee

Question 10: According to H-O Model, which factors of production flow freely?

    A. Land-Labour
    B. Labour-Capital
    C. Capital-Land
    D. Capital-Labour

Question 11: 10 directors in the RBI are nominated by whom?

    A. State Government
    B. Central Government
    C. Governor
    D. Deputy Governor

Question 12: Which among these reduces income tax?

    A. high income
    B. high price
    C. expenses
    D. investments

Question 13: What does chemical bonds form?

    A. molecules
    B. atoms
    C. elements
    D. compounds

Question 14: The fundamental particle neutron carries ______

    A.  A charge -1 unit and no mass
    B.   No charge no mass
    C.  A charge of +1 and mass of 1 unit
    D.  No charge and mass of one unit

Question 15: Oxygen is at higher _______________ then hydrogen atoms in water.

    A. covalency
    B. polar valency
    C. conductivity
    D. electronegativity

Question 16: How many bacteria are there on Earth approximately? (w.r.t 5 * )

    A. 1000
    B. 100000
    C. 1000
    D. 10000000

Question 17: Which is the first cyclin produced in the cell cycle?

    A. Cyclin A
    B. Cyclin B
    C. Cyclin C
    D. Cyclin D

Question 18: Which among these is not a part of independent virus particles?

    A. DNA/RNA
    B. capsid
    C. lipids
    D. enzymes

Question 19: In which list does shipping belong?

    A. Union List
    B. State List
    C. Concurrent List
    D. Executionary List

Question 20: According which Article few seats are reserved for Women, SC and ST candidates of the Panchayet ?

    A. Article No 243A
    B. Article No 243B
    C. Article No 243C
    D. Article No 243D

Question 21: How many items are there in the Union List?

    A. 95
    B. 97
    C. 99
    D. 100

Question 22: The Deputy Speaker may regisn by sending his/ her letter to ________

    A. Prime Minister
    B. President
    C. President of Election Commission
    D. Speaker

Question 23: As per which number of Article of indian Constitution Rajya Sabha can not be dissolved?

    A. Article No. 80
    B. Article No. 82
    C. Article No. 79
    D. Article No. 83

Question 24: Judges of High courts and Supreme Courts are appointed by the President ---- this statement is

    A. Ture
    B. FALSE
    C. May be
    D. May not be

Question 25: which living creature that turns itself into living battery is

    A. star fish
    B. shark
    C. eel
    D. octopus

Question 26: In First Law of dynamics, which element remains constant?

    A. force
    B. acceleration
    C. velocity
    D. pressure

Question 27: What is the coldest theoritical temperature on the Celcius scale?

    A. (- 273)
    B. ( - 100)
    C. 0
    D. ( - 273. 15)

Question 28: copper atoms have how many neutrons

    A. 32
    B. 34
    C. 33
    D. 29

Question 29: In which phase chromosomes are attached to mitotic spindles?

    A. anaphase
    B. prophase
    C. telophase
    D. metaphase

Question 30: Which is the element that is required in both light-dependent and light-independent reaction?

    A. carbon dioxide
    B. light
    C. oxygen
    D. water

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