Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for Today Monday, 03 August 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which latitudes are covered by Westerlies?

    A. 35-65
    B. 30-60
    C. 40-70
    D. 45-75

Question 2: Due to which element does the planet Mercury appear red?

    A. Copper
    B. Lead
    C. Iron
    D. Steel

Question 3: The longest expressway in India, connects Greater Noida with which state?

    A. Uttaranchal
    B. Uttarakhand
    C. Uttar Pradesh
    D. Himachal Pradesh

Question 4: In which month did the Salt March come to an end?

    A. June
    B. May
    C. April
    D. Januray

Question 5: Which of these origin did not include the Aryans?

    A. Greek
    B. German
    C. Russian
    D. Roman

Question 6: Act of Supremacies were declared by which authority?

    A. head of country
    B. head of church
    C. head of state
    D. head of the capital

Question 7: Surya-Siddhauca was authored by

    A. Aryabhatta
    B. Barahamihir
    C. Bararuchi
    D. Sushruta

Question 8: Who among the following annexed Punjab Dominion ?

    A. Elgin
    B. Dalhousie
    C. Minto
    D. Morley

Question 9: The new Japanese Prime Minister is

    A. Shinzo Abe
    B. Yasuo Fukuda
    C. Taro Aso
    D. Hu Jintao

Question 10: Which among these is the costlier source of capital?

    A. preference share
    B. debt capital
    C. equity share
    D. dividend capital

Question 11: What was the actual growth rate in the third FYP?

    A. 2.30%
    B. 2.60%
    C. 2.10%
    D. 2.40%

Question 12: Tax is from a word of which origin?

    A. French
    B. Russian
    C. Latin
    D. Greek

Question 13: Which gas among these is found in all acids?

    A. Oxygen
    B. Hydrogen
    C. Nitrogen
    D. Carbon dioxide

Question 14: Which model was given by Ernest Rutherford?

    A. gold leaf model
    B. plum pudding model
    C. nucleatic model
    D. atomic model

Question 15: All colligative properties are inversely proportional to which component?

    A. molar mass of solute
    B. molar mass of solvent
    C. boiling point
    D. melting point

Question 16: Suggested bacterial life live in Mariana Trench was reported in which year?

    A. 2011
    B. 2012
    C. 2013
    D. 2014

Question 17: What does IUCN stand for?

    A. International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
    B. Indian Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
    C. International Union for the Completion of Natural Resources
    D. Indian Union for the Conservation of Natural Resources

Question 18: Charles Darwin observed which theory that is responsible for developing various locomotion methods?

    A. evolution
    B. reproduction
    C. inherritance
    D. natural selection

Question 19: Which code of conduct is issued by the election?

    A. Law Code
    B. Election code
    C. Voting Code
    D. Model Code

Question 20: How many houses are in Indian Parliament?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 21: What is the minimum amount of members that can be there in a LA?

    A. 30
    B. 40
    C. 50
    D. 60

Question 22: In which year was the Election Commission Amendment Act enacted?

    A. 1990
    B. 1992
    C. 1993
    D. 1996

Question 23: What is the minimum age limit to be a member of Rajya Sabha?

    A. 20
    B. 25
    C. 30
    D. 35

Question 24: Which Article describes the election process of Gram Panchayet ?

    A. Article No 243A
    B. Article No 243B
    C. Article No 243C
    D. Article No 243D

Question 25: What does the size of an image formed depend upon in a spherical mirror?

    A. size of the object
    B. position of the object
    C. length of the object
    D. width of the object

Question 26: what is the reason for acceleration in a body

    A. balanced force
    B. unbalanced force
    C. mass
    D. electrostatic force

Question 27: What is the international systems of units called?

    A. CGS
    B. metre
    C. SI
    D. grams

Question 28: Units used in science, medicine and engineering are generally known as?

    A. physical quantities
    B. dimensional quantities
    C. derived quantities
    D. limited quantities

Question 29: What is formation of new species called?

    A. anagenesis
    B. philogenesis
    C. philogenetics
    D. speciation

Question 30: In which phase chromosomes are attached to mitotic spindles?

    A. anaphase
    B. prophase
    C. telophase
    D. metaphase

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