Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for Today Friday, 03 April 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Valuable timber can be got from which natural vegetation?

    A. Tropical
    B. Temperate
    C. Desert vegetation
    D. Deciduous

Question 2: Which process is used to extract minerals which are present just on the surface of the earth?

    A. quarring
    B. mining
    C. digging
    D. drilling

Question 3: Which type of rock can we find near the rivers?

    A. Sedimentary
    B. Metamorphic
    C. River Bed rocks
    D. Igneous

Question 4: Which among these was a capital of the Kushana Empira?

    A. Magadha
    B. Taxila
    C. Harappa
    D. Sindhi

Question 5: What is the starting year of rule of the Mauryan dynasty?

    A. 318 BCE
    B. 312 BCE
    C. 322 BCE
    D. 332 BCE

Question 6: How is Devapala related to Dharmapala?

    A. father
    B. son
    C. grandfather
    D. grandson

Question 7: What was the name of the first Bengali Newspaper?

    A. Sambad Kaumudi
    B. Samachar Darpan
    C. Tattabodhini Patrika
    D. Sambad Prabhakar

Question 8: Jacques Chirac is the President of

    A. Germany
    B. Poland
    C. France
    D. Romania

Question 9: Liberalisation means: (1) Removal of industrial licensing (2) Dereservation of items from the SSI List (3) Withdrawal of MRTP restrictions, Which ones were contemplated by the Government of India in the 1990`s ?

    A. 1, 2 and 3
    B. 1 and 2
    C. 1 and 3
    D. 2 and 3

Question 10: Which among these reduces income tax?

    A. high income
    B. high price
    C. expenses
    D. investments

Question 11: A person or business whose income is more than the maximum amount, which is not chargeable to the income tax is known as the?

    A. bearer
    B. assesse
    C. non-tax payer
    D. tax payer

Question 12: What do we call quantity demand equals quantity supply?

    A. market equilibrium
    B. price equilibrium
    C. demand equilibrium
    D. supply equilibrium

Question 13: electrons are shared from which orbit?

    A. j shell
    B. l shell
    C. penultimate shell
    D. valence shell

Question 14: Which indicators are used in the laboratory most commonly to indicate acidic properties in gases?

    A. Litmus paper
    B. Phenolphthalein
    C. Methyl orange
    D. Universal indicator

Question 15: What is the pH of base?

    A. >7
    B. <7
    C. 7
    D. 0

Question 16: 1 mm of mercury is how much Pascal?

    A. 130
    B. 131
    C. 132
    D. 133

Question 17: What, among these, helps in opening a stomata?

    A. light
    B. water
    C. molecules
    D. enzymes

Question 18: Which gland allows excess water to precipitate out of the body?

    A. eccocrine
    B. exocrine
    C. endocrine
    D. enicrine

Question 19: What does PACs stand for?

    A. Public Association Centres
    B. Public Account Committees
    C. Public Allowance Costs
    D. Public Account Chambers

Question 20: The maintaince of the accounts will be according to the law of the state ---- which Article deals with?

    A. Article No 243I
    B. Article No 243J
    C. Article No 243E
    D. Article No 243F

Question 21: In which year Fundamental Duties were added to the Indian Constitution?

    A. 1972
    B. 1973
    C. 1975
    D. 1976

Question 22: In how many lists is the legislative power divided?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 23: Under which article, Administrative power can be imposed on President rule?

    A. 326
    B. 342
    C. 356
    D. 346

Question 24: According which Article a financial team is set up to review financial condition of the Panchayet?

    A. Article No 243I
    B. Article No 243J
    C. Article No 243E
    D. Article No 243F

Question 25: The part of the lens through which the ray of light passes without suffering deviation is called

    A. optical centre
    B. focus
    C. centre of curvature
    D. pole

Question 26: By which process is plant groowth affected by absorbtion of light?

    A. photomorphogenesis
    B. photogenesis
    C. photolysogenesis
    D. photophosphogenesis

Question 27: What is the word from which the English word "lever" is derived?

    A. leveour
    B. levier
    C. leveir
    D. levour

Question 28: DNA replication is followed by how many divisions?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 29: Lucretius followed whom in the theory of evolution?

    A. LaMarc
    B. Darwin
    C. Socrates
    D. Empedocles

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