Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for Today Thursday, 20 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: On the basis of what parameter are the Heavy industries categorised?

    A. Bulk and weight
    B. Finance and asset
    C. Ownership or partnership business
    D. Market capture

Question 2: What does NASA stand for?

    A. National Area and Space Atmosphere
    B. National Atmosphere of Space and Area
    C. National Aeronotics and Space Atmosphere
    D. National Air and Sound Atmosphere

Question 3: Mica is what type of mineral?

    A. non-metallic
    B. metallic
    C. acidic
    D. basic

Question 4: In which region did Buddha live in the Indian subcontinent?

    A. north India
    B. west India
    C. south India
    D. east India

Question 5: How was Babur related to Genghis Khan?

    A. father
    B. son
    C. grandson
    D. grandfather

Question 6: Through which centuries did the Bhakti Movement spread?

    A. 12 to 18
    B. 13 to 19
    C. 15 to 21
    D. 14 to 20

Question 7: Breeding of a certain specis of insect is incredible�everyday the total number of such insects in a closed glass jar is double the number on the previous day. There was just one insect in the jar on 1.2.207, and the jar was full to the brim with these on 28.2.2007. On which date of February was the jar quarter-full ?

    A. 7
    B. 14
    C. 26
    D. None of the above

Question 8: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away in April, 2014, had got the Nobel Prize in 1982, in -----

    A. Literature
    B. Physics
    C. Chemistry
    D. Economics

Question 9: Which one of the following was an emigre Communist journal of M.N.Roy?

    A. Kishan Sabha
    B. The Worker
    C. Vanguard
    D. None of the above

Question 10: Which among these is not a parameter of demand?

    A. income
    B. GDP
    C. potential customers
    D. taste and preferences

Question 11: Tax is from a word of which origin?

    A. French
    B. Russian
    C. Latin
    D. Greek

Question 12: What is the current education cess that is provided?

    A. 1%
    B. 2%
    C. 3%
    D. 4%

Question 13: The elements which are the opposite of catalyst are required in reactions where compounds are ___.

    A. formed at a faster rate
    B. formed at a slower rate
    C. not formed
    D. lost

Question 14: Which component is used to soften water in acidic reactions?

    A. baking soda
    B. potassium hydrate
    C. salt
    D. washing soda

Question 15: In which bond electrons are shared?

    A. covalent
    B. ionic
    C. electromagnetic
    D. electrostatic

Question 16: What is the full form of GHIH?

    A. Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone
    B. Growth Hormone Increasing Hormone
    C. Gland Hormones Integrated Hormones
    D. Gland Hormones Inhibited Hormones

Question 17: What does the word "lysis" mean?

    A. water
    B. leaves
    C. wholly
    D. breakdown

Question 18: Microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments are a type of which cellular component?

    A. cytoplasm
    B. cytoskeleton
    C. cilin
    D. cytonucleus

Question 19: The CAG is mentioned in which articles?

    A. 148-151
    B. 111-123
    C. 145-187
    D. 167-172

Question 20: In which list does insurance belong?

    A. Union List
    B. State List
    C. Concurrent List
    D. Executionary List

Question 21: How many Judges are there in Supreme Court?

    A. 20
    B. 22
    C. 24
    D. 25

Question 22: What does EVM stand for?

    A. Electronic Voting Measure
    B. Electoral Voting Members
    C. Electronic Voting Machine
    D. Electoral Vision Method

Question 23: Who is the head of the council of Ministers of State ?

    A. Governor
    B. Home Minister
    C. State Minister
    D. Chief Minister

Question 24: Which Part of Indian Constitution is dealing with the appoinment issues of State Election Commissioner ?

    A. Part V
    B. Part VII
    C. Part VIII
    D. Part IX

Question 25: What is the coldest theoritical temperature on the Celcius scale?

    A. (- 273)
    B. ( - 100)
    C. 0
    D. ( - 273. 15)

Question 26: What is the international systems of units called?

    A. CGS
    B. metre
    C. SI
    D. grams

Question 27: How many classifications are there of EM radiation?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 6
    D. 7

Question 28: Where should an object be placed so that a real and inverted image of the same size is obtained, using a convex lens?

    A. Between O and F
    B. at f
    C. at 2f
    D. at infinity

Question 29: From which respiratory organ sweat is exhaled from the body?

    A. lungs
    B. nose
    C. skin
    D. hair

Question 30: Which is termed as the inflammation of the walls of blood vessels?

    A. vasculotocise
    B. vasculitis
    C. vascitivis
    D. vascutitis

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