Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for Today Wednesday, 24 July 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the annual growth rate of manufacturing industries in India, at present?

    A. 7%
    B. 13%
    C. 17%
    D. 9%

Question 2: The uppermost area of the source from which a river originates is called?

    A. crepton
    B. crescon
    C. crinon
    D. crenon

Question 3: Sandalwood is an example of what type of vegetation?

    A. Tropical
    B. Temperate
    C. Mangrove
    D. Desert

Question 4: How are bhaktas related to Bhakti movement?

    A. priests
    B. preachers
    C. people
    D. practitioners

Question 5: Samudragupta reigned for how many years ?

    A. 35 years
    B. 40 years
    C. 45 years
    D. 50 years

Question 6: Which was the official language during the Khilji dynasty?

    A. Persian
    B. Sanskrit
    C. Hindi
    D. Latin

Question 7: In the budget for 2011-2012, the fiscal deficit(% of GDP) for 2011-2012 has been projected at

    A. 5.1
    B. 5
    C. 4.6
    D. 3.4

Question 8: The Nobel Peace Prize, 2007 was awarded to

    A. Rajendra Pachauri and A1 Gore
    B. Gurhard Ertl
    C. Albert Fert and Peter Gruenberg
    D. Leonid Hurwicz, Eric Maskin and Roger Myerson

Question 9: The hurricane that hit USA on the eve of the 2012 presidential elections was

    A. Sandy
    B. Cindy
    C. Tony
    D. Florence

Question 10: Which among these is a source to the Governments funds?

    A. income
    B. GDP
    C. GNP
    D. fines

Question 11: When was the first bank of India liquidated?

    A. 1829-1833
    B. 1829-1832
    C. 1828-1832
    D. 1828-1833

Question 12: A vigorous monetary economy was created in which century?

    A. 6 to 8
    B. 7 to 12
    C. 5 to 9
    D. 4 to 7

Question 13: Which model was given by Ernest Rutherford?

    A. gold leaf model
    B. plum pudding model
    C. nucleatic model
    D. atomic model

Question 14: What percent of water is present in seas and oceans?

    A. 95
    B. 96.5
    C. 97
    D. 96

Question 15: What is the highest temperatue at which a liquid can exist called?

    A. normal temperature
    B. maximum liquedity temperature
    C. critical temperature
    D. mega temperature

Question 16: Bacterias thrive upto how many meters below sea level?

    A. 500
    B. 540
    C. 560
    D. 580

Question 17: Which among these is not a category of agricultural products

    A. paper
    B. food
    C. fibre
    D. fuel

Question 18: What is the meaning of the word "Morbidity"?

    A. sick
    B. disorders
    C. mental illness
    D. problem

Question 19: According to which Article the President can be impeached?

    A. Article No 55
    B. Article No 56
    C. Article No 60
    D. Article No 61

Question 20: Nationality of married women are __________ on the nationality of their husband.

    A. dependent
    B. independent
    C. same
    D. different

Question 21: Which Articles of Indian Constituion are dealing with the Panchayeti Raj System?

    A. Article No 240 to 240B
    B. Article No 243 to 243 B
    C. Article No 243 to 243 O
    D. Article No 243 to 243 M

Question 22: What is the minimum qualification of Supreme Court Judge?

    A. have 5 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    B. have 3 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    C. have 7 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    D. have 10 years of experience as Judge of High Court

Question 23: Who audits all the expenditures of Government of India?

    A. RBI
    B. Governor
    C. Prime Minister
    D. CAG

Question 24: Concurrent list consists of how many items?

    A. 50
    B. 51
    C. 56
    D. 52

Question 25: What is the fixed hinge called in a lever?

    A. load
    B. rod
    C. hinge point
    D. fulcrum

Question 26: In which place was the original metric system adopted?

    A. Greece
    B. France
    C. Russia
    D. America

Question 27: What does infrared radiation in snakes depend on?

    A. thermal imaging
    B. thermal gaining
    C. electroviolet sensing
    D. electromagnetic radiation

Question 28: what are varistors

    A. insulators
    B. non-linear resistors
    C. carbon resistors
    D. resistors with zero tolerance coefficent

Question 29: What is the som total of the amount of related DNA base pairs, as discovered, on Earth?

    A. 5 * 10 ^ 37
    B. 4 * 10 ^ 37
    C. 5 * 10 ^ 35
    D. 4 * 10 ^ 35

Question 30: Scorpions breathe through which type of lung?

    A. branchiostengal lung
    B. branchiole lung
    C. book lung
    D. alveolar lung

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