Union Public Service Commission for Today Thursday, 20 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is a river with a gradient formed by tectonic uplifts called?

    A. Gradient river
    B. Tectonic river
    C. Rejuvinated river
    D. Mature river

Question 2: How many rivers form the major Himalayan Rivers?

    A. 4
    B. 2
    C. 6
    D. 3

Question 3: What type of a rock is a volcanic rock?

    A. Sedimentary
    B. Igneous
    C. Metamorphic
    D. Plutonic

Question 4: What was the duration of month of the Indian Rebellion?

    A. January - February
    B. April - May
    C. May - June
    D. June - July

Question 5: What is the meaning of the word "Asrava"?

    A. internal
    B. incede
    C. insight
    D. influx

Question 6: During which century did the Sufi tradition evolve to the peak?

    A. 7
    B. 8
    C. 9
    D. 10

Question 7: L.P.G, Cylinders contain inside

    A. Butane and Isobutane
    B. Butane and Propane
    C. Isobutane and Propane
    D. Butane, Isobutane and Propane

Question 8: Who won the Wimbledon Men`s Singles title in 2007 ?

    A. Rafel Nadal
    B. Roger Federer
    C. Amaud Clement
    D. Michael Llodra

Question 9: Who is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award,2003?

    A. Mrinal Sen
    B. Tapan Sinha
    C. Ritupomo Ghosh
    D. Gautam Ghosh

Question 10: 10 directors in the RBI are nominated by whom?

    A. State Government
    B. Central Government
    C. Governor
    D. Deputy Governor

Question 11: What does the demand curves reflect?

    A. marginal cost curves
    B. marginal utility curves
    C. long term curves
    D. short term curves

Question 12: In which FYP, "plan holidays" were declared?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 13: What is evaluated to generate organic compounds?

    A. organic formulae
    B. organic structure
    C. chemical reactions
    D. chemical behaviour

Question 14: All colligative properties are inversely proportional to which component?

    A. molar mass of solute
    B. molar mass of solvent
    C. boiling point
    D. melting point

Question 15: Which solution of acid is characterised by its taste?

    A. aqueous
    B. concentrated
    C. dilute
    D. free

Question 16: What is the other name of breathing called?

    A. inhalation
    B. ventilation
    C. exhalation
    D. gaseous exchange

Question 17: What is gaseous exchange with lungs called?

    A. inhalation
    B. ventilation
    C. exhalation
    D. gaseous exchange

Question 18: What among these are a type of simple tissues in plants?

    A. Epithelium
    B. Xylem
    C. Phloem
    D. Collenchyma

Question 19: Who appoints the Retire Judges on temporary basis?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 20: Who was the 12th CAG of India?

    A. Sashi Kumar Sharma
    B. Sashi Kumar Kapoor
    C. Sashi Kanth Kapoor
    D. Sashi Kanth Sharma

Question 21: Which article contains the enhanced status of the members of UPSC?

    A. 3
    B. 5
    C. 7
    D. 9

Question 22: The short poem or speech which recites at the end of any play or drama, is called

    A. Epic
    B. Epilogue
    C. Epitaph
    D. Comedy

Question 23: Think over

    A. Disagree
    B. Agree
    C. Consider
    D. Ignore

Question 24: The dog runs __________ the cat.

    A. behind
    B. after
    C. before
    D. to

Question 25: Ajay, Vijay and Sanjay hired a car for Rs.3000 and used it for 6, 4 and 10 hours respectively. Find the hire charges paid by Ajay.

    A. Rs.600
    B. Rs.750
    C. Rs.900
    D. Rs.1500

Question 26:

A father said to his son, "I was as old as you are at the present at the time of your birth". If the fathers age is 38 years now, what was the sons age five years back?

    A. 20 years
    B. 18 years
    C. 22 years
    D. 14 years

Question 27: from the following which is a natural magnet

    A. Steel
    B. Magnesia
    C. Lodestone
    D. Soft Iron

Question 28: Reciprocal of focal length in metres is known as the ______ of a lens.

    A. focus
    B. power
    C. power of accomodation
    D. far point

Question 29: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
If a movie is a blockbuster, then only I watch it.

    A. I watched a movie, means the movie is a blockbuster
    B. The movie is a blockbuster, therefore I did not watch it
    C. I did not watch a superhit movie
    D. I did not watch the movie means that the movie is not a blockbuster

Question 30: Following word is a pattern. Choose the option that best suits the pattern in the question.

    A. BCDAE
    B. CDAEB
    C. BCSED
    D. VWXYZ

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