UPSC IAS Preliminary CSAT for Today Thursday, 20 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: From which neighbouring country of India, does the river Kosi arise?

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Myanmar
    C. Nepal
    D. China

Question 2: What type of lines are latitudes?

    A. horizontal
    B. vertical
    C. straight
    D. curved

Question 3: What is the latitude for North Pole?

    A. 180 N
    B. 360 N
    C. 60 N
    D. 90 N

Question 4: Jainism distinguishes matter from?

    A. spirit
    B. concatenation
    C. consciousness
    D. vice

Question 5: Where was the officially established church by Elizabeth?

    A. Russia
    B. USA
    C. French
    D. England

Question 6: To which God is Tirumurai indicated?

    A. Brahma
    B. Vishnu
    C. Shakti
    D. Shiva

Question 7: Lakshadweep is built up of

    A. Submarine Mountains
    B. Coral
    C. Salt soaked marshland
    D. Extinct volcano

Question 8: Mr. Digambar Kamal has been elected the new Chief Minister of which state ?

    A. Meghalaya
    B. Goa
    C. Sikkim
    D. Kerala

Question 9: The 98th Indian Science Congress held in 2011 was at ------

    A. Kochi
    B. New Delhi
    C. Chennai
    D. Kolkata

Question 10: Which parameter among these serves as a difference to the international trade and domestic trade

    A. exchange rate
    B. foreign capital
    C. factors of production
    D. profit

Question 11: In which year was RBI nationalised?

    A. 1936
    B. 1940
    C. 1947
    D. 1949

Question 12: 10 directors in the RBI are nominated by whom?

    A. State Government
    B. Central Government
    C. Governor
    D. Deputy Governor

Question 13: Which gas among these is found in all acids?

    A. Oxygen
    B. Hydrogen
    C. Nitrogen
    D. Carbon dioxide

Question 14: Which was the earliest metals used by humas?

    A. gold
    B. silver
    C. tin
    D. copper

Question 15: Which model was given by Ernest Rutherford?

    A. gold leaf model
    B. plum pudding model
    C. nucleatic model
    D. atomic model

Question 16: What occurs to the genes during reproduction?

    A. genetic growth
    B. genetic duplication
    C. genetic recombination
    D. genetic reproduction

Question 17: Bacteria are what type of organisms?

    A. prokaryotic
    B. eukaryotic
    C. karyonetics
    D. cytokinetics

Question 18: What is the full form of ADP?

    A. Amine Di-Phosphate
    B. Amide Di-Phosphate
    C. Adinosine Di-Phosphate
    D. Adinomide Di-Phosphate

Question 19: Which Article of Indian Constitution deals with Freedom of Speech?

    A. Article No 19 (1) (a)
    B. Article No 19 (2) (a)
    C. Article No 19 (2) (b)
    D. Article No 19 (1) (b)

Question 20: On which day was Madurai Collectorate protest held?

    A. 07 th October
    B. 07 th December
    C. 07 th July
    D. 07 th September

Question 21: What is the term of the members of Vidhan Parishad?

    A. 3 years
    B. 2 years
    C. 4 years
    D. 5 years

Question 22: Easy

    A. Chaos
    B. Alteration
    C. Onerous
    D. Barbarous

Question 23: He chose to jump ____ it was the only option he was left with.

    A. because
    B. as
    C. with
    D. but

Question 24: I love to play indoor games __________ my leasue time.

    A. at
    B. about
    C. during
    D. in

Question 25:

Ten identical particles are moving randomly inside a closed box. What is the probability that at any given point of time, all the ten particles will be lying in the same half of the box?

    A. 42006
    B. 42014
    C. 42044
    D. 42046

Question 26:

A mixture of 30 liters contains milk and water in the ratio 4:1. How much water should be added to the mixture to make the ratio 8:3?

    A. 5 liters
    B. 6 liters
    C. 4.5 liters
    D. 3 liters

Question 27: The part of the lens through which the ray of light passes without suffering deviation is called

    A. optical centre
    B. focus
    C. centre of curvature
    D. pole

Question 28: What is the study of motion of objects called?

    A. kinetics
    B. kinetology
    C. kineticology
    D. kinematics

Question 29: 25 28 ? 43

    A. 34
    B. 30
    C. 33
    D. 32

Question 30: The calendar for the year 2007 will be the same for which year

    A. 2014
    B. 2016
    C. 2017
    D. 2018

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