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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What does export of manufactured goods bring to the domestic country?

    A. foreign goods
    B. foreign economy
    C. foreign trade
    D. foreign exchange

Question 2: What is the scale used for measuring wind?

    A. Richter scale
    B. Beaufort Scale
    C. Coriolis scale
    D. Melinchter scale

Question 3: What is the distance covered by the NH7 of India?

    A. 2369 km
    B. 2639 km
    C. 2693 km
    D. 2396 km

Question 4: What is the meaning of "Samsara"?

    A. transmigration
    B. transition
    C. transference
    D. tranvincity

Question 5: In which month did the Non- Cooperation Movement end?

    A. January
    B. February
    C. May
    D. June

Question 6: What is a dormitory run by Sufis known as?

    A. Khankaq
    B. Kamra
    C. Kamkaq
    D. Khanqah

Question 7: Lakshmi Sehgal, who passed away recently was

    A. Famous dancer
    B. Sports person
    C. Veteran freedom fighter
    D. Reputed musician

Question 8: UFA Chairperson is

    A. Manmohan Singh
    B. Priyanka Gandhi
    C. Sonia Gandhi
    D. Jyoti Basu

Question 9: Who was known as "Grand Old Man of India"?

    A. Surendranath Banerjee
    B. dadabhai Naoroji
    C. Ranade
    D. Ananda Mohan Basu

Question 10: Which among these is a theory of unemployment?

    A. Elton Mayo Theory
    B. Marxian Theory
    C. Hungarian Theory
    D. Hawthorne Theory

Question 11: What does PPP stand for?

    A. Purchasing Power Parity
    B. Price of Purchasing Power
    C. Purchasing Power Price
    D. Profit from Purchasing Power

Question 12: According to Ricardian theory, which factor of production is assumed to be the only input?

    A. Land
    B. Labour
    C. Capital
    D. Entrepreneur

Question 13: How many laws have been given governing the osmotic pressure?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 14: Mettalurgy is the technology of which element?

    A. material
    B. metal
    C. medicines
    D. mints

Question 15: When water has more hydrogen ions and less hydroxide ions, what is the property of water?

    A. Basic
    B. Alkaline
    C. Acidic
    D. Neutral

Question 16: Which animal among these has derived its taxonomic name from its method of locomotion?

    A. grasshopper
    B. frog
    C. snake
    D. squirrel

Question 17: Who discovered the mosaic tobacco virus?

    A. Dimitri Ivanovsky
    B. Martinus Beijernick
    C. Ila Sarapova
    D. Marrie Currie

Question 18: What process takes place in human reproduction?

    A. internal fertilisation
    B. external fertilisation
    C. genetic duplication
    D. genetic reproduction

Question 19: In which Amendment "secularism" was added to the preamble?

    A. 42
    B. 44
    C. 47
    D. 49

Question 20: Under which article, Administrative power can be imposed on President rule?

    A. 326
    B. 342
    C. 356
    D. 346

Question 21: What is termed as "citizenship of right of birth within the territory"?

    A. jus soli
    B. jus solangus
    C. jus sanguinis
    D. jus miscicus

Question 22: I asked the waiter " Do you serve chicken?"

    A. I asked the waiter whether chicken was served
    B. I asked the waiter whether chicken can be served.
    C. I asked the waiter whether chicken is served.
    D. I asked the waiter whether chicken will be served.

Question 23: ______ he ever be able to imagine that I ______ give him, such a big surprise?

    A. will, will
    B. shall, shall
    C. will, shall
    D. shall, will

Question 24: She did not want to go the party. She did not have a proper party wear.

    A. She did not want to go to the party as she did not have a proper party wear.
    B. She did not want to go to the party because she did not have a proper party wear.
    C. She did not want to go to the party since she did not have a proper party wear.
    D. Though she did not have a proper party wear, still she did not want to go to the party.

Question 25: What was the day of the week on 28th May, 2006?

    A. Thursday
    B. Friday
    C. Sunday
    D. Saturday

Question 26: The calendar for the year 2007 will be the same for which year

    A. 2014
    B. 2016
    C. 2017
    D. 2018

Question 27: what does magnetic field interact with

    A. moving permanent magnet
    B. stationary permanent magnet
    C. moving electric charge
    D. stationry electric charge

Question 28: What are deformable bodies in rigid body motion of Euler called?

    A. continuum
    B. momentum
    C. rigidity
    D. massterm

Question 29: Following pair of words having a relation between them. Choose the option that best suits the relationship exhibited in the question.

    A. Salary:Wage
    B. Wage:Salary
    C. Foregone:Foremost
    D. Foremost:Foregone

Question 30: what number should come next according to the series 36, 34, 30, 28, 24,

    A. 23
    B. 20
    C. 22
    D. 26

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