Public Service Commission All State for Today Thursday, 20 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: In North India, towards the west, rainfall ---------------------. Complete the blank.

    A. decreases
    B. increases
    C. remains same
    D. unpredictable

Question 2: What are those scientists referred as who study rocks?

    A. Geologists
    B. Rockologists
    C. Stonologists
    D. Petrologists

Question 3: Which physical feature is a meteorological barrier for India?

    A. The Ganges delta
    B. The Deccan Plateau
    C. The Himalayan Range
    D. The Western Coasts

Question 4: In which state or region did the Pala Empire originate?

    A. West Bengal
    B. Bihar
    C. Assam
    D. South-India

Question 5: Pala Empire was ended and dethroned by which dynasty?

    A. Hindu Sena dynasty
    B. Mughal dynasty
    C. Mauryan dynasty
    D. Chola dynasty

Question 6: Abbasid Caliphate was seated in which region during 750?

    A. Delhi Sultanate
    B. Sindh
    C. Khilji reign
    D. Tughlaq reign

Question 7: The National Green Tribal was established in

    A. 2009
    B. 2010
    C. 2011
    D. 2012

Question 8: Literacy rate of West Bengal in 2001 Census is

    A. 57%
    B. 75%
    C. 64-84%
    D. 60-79%

Question 9: India held Garuda-V air exercises jointly with

    A. Russia
    B. U.S.A.
    C. France
    D. China

Question 10: How many members represent general interest in the local boards of RBI?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 11: Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI?

    A. Dr. B.C. Roy
    B. C.D. Deshmukh
    C. Raghuram Rajan
    D. Sri Gopalacharya

Question 12: What do we call quantity demand equals quantity supply?

    A. market equilibrium
    B. price equilibrium
    C. demand equilibrium
    D. supply equilibrium

Question 13: How many characteristic properties are included in colligative properties?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 14: What are compounds of metals called?

    A. intermetallic
    B. intrametallic
    C. intermetallurgical
    D. intrametallurgical

Question 15: Which force attracts opposite charges?

    A. electrostatic
    B. electromagnetic
    C. electrolytic
    D. electric

Question 16: Fish respire through which organ?

    A. fins
    B. ear
    C. skin
    D. fins

Question 17: What is the temperature required for a sperm to survive?

    A. 2-3 degree less
    B. 2-3 degree more
    C. 4-5 degree less
    D. 4-5 degree more

Question 18: Which plant among these captures prey using movement?

    A. Utricularia
    B. Mimosa pudica
    C. Neptune jutea
    D. Mimosa nitulli

Question 19: Which Aricles of Indian Constitution deals with High Court?

    A. Article No 200 to 230
    B. Article No 210 to 220
    C. Article No 214 to 230
    D. Article No 214 to 231

Question 20: In which list does insurance belong?

    A. Union List
    B. State List
    C. Concurrent List
    D. Executionary List

Question 21: Which Article of Indian Constitution deals with Right to Education?

    A. Article No 19A
    B. Article No 20A
    C. Article No 21A
    D. Article No 22 A

Question 22: The North pole and the South pole are two opposite directions.

    A. Simple
    B. Compound
    C. Complex
    D. Negative

Question 23: Engulfed

    A. Entertained
    B. Stupefied
    C. Encouraged
    D. Enthused

Question 24: The baby is crying ___________.

    A. mild
    B. soft
    C. loudly
    D. loud

Question 25: What is BAD if they are replaced by their corresponding numbers in the number series 1,3,5,9… and so on?

    A. 317
    B. 315
    C. 319
    D. 313

Question 26: In a dice, a pair of adjacent faces is marked as A, a pair of opposite faces is marked as B and another pair of adjacent faces is marked as C. The dice is cut into 125 identical cubes.
How many small cubes can have at least two different markings on their faces?

    A. 30
    B. 38
    C. 36
    D. 42

Question 27: Length is a what type of quantity?

    A. qualitative
    B. quantitative
    C. physical
    D. magnitudal

Question 28: What is the wavelength of red light in nm?

    A. 600-750
    B. 620-750
    C. 610-800
    D. 760-750

Question 29: In a class, some students chose subjects from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
20 students studied Physics. 15 students studies Chemistry. 30 students studied Biology.
100 students studied either of the subjects, or all the subjects or two subjects together.
45 students studied Physics and Chemistry. 15 students studied Chemistry and Biology. 16 students studied Physics and Biology.
What is n(PnBnC)?

    A. 50
    B. 75
    C. 48
    D. 41

Question 30: What was the day of the week on 17th June, 1998?

    A. Monday
    B. Tuesday
    C. Wednesday
    D. Thursday

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