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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What type of lines are longitudes?

    A. horizontal
    B. vertical
    C. straight
    D. curved

Question 2: Where is a volcanic rock formed?

    A. Inside earths surface
    B. On earths surface
    C. Inside soil
    D. Volcanic eruption

Question 3: Industries manufacturing sugar can be categorised under what type of industry?

    A. Consumer industry
    B. Private industry
    C. Large-scale industry
    D. Light-industry

Question 4: Which language developed during the Pala Empire?

    A. Prakrit
    B. Pala
    C. Proto-Bengali
    D. Tunga

Question 5: During the Mauryan Empire, which was a marital treaty?

    A. Epigamia
    B. Kamashastra
    C. Arthashastra
    D. Bihishastra

Question 6: What was the main parameter of the Bhakti Movement?

    A. theistic devotion
    B. religious parody
    C. enlightenment of soul
    D. liberation of body

Question 7: The best milch breed in the world is:

    A. Deoni
    B. Holstein - Friesian
    C. Sindhi
    D. Chittagong

Question 8: Mr. Digambar Kamal has been elected the new Chief Minister of which state ?

    A. Meghalaya
    B. Goa
    C. Sikkim
    D. Kerala

Question 9: Angela Markel is the Chancellor of which State?

    A. Italy
    B. France
    C. Germany
    D. Norway

Question 10: What was the target growth of the second FYP?

    A. 4%
    B. 4.20%
    C. 4.50%
    D. 4.70%

Question 11: 10 directors in the RBI are nominated by whom?

    A. State Government
    B. Central Government
    C. Governor
    D. Deputy Governor

Question 12: India became the worlds fastest growing major economy from which year?

    A. 2012
    B. 2014
    C. 2013
    D. 2011

Question 13: Which unit measure catalytic activity?

    A. moles
    B. moles per second
    C. pascals
    D. pascals per second

Question 14: What are the mixtures of metals called?

    A. alloys
    B. camons
    C. bronze
    D. camiums

Question 15: What are the substances called which undergo change in colour due to acidic or basic properties?

    A. catalysts
    B. inhibitors
    C. propellors
    D. indicators

Question 16: What does the word "lysis" mean?

    A. water
    B. leaves
    C. wholly
    D. breakdown

Question 17: Which disorder occurs due to improper guttation?

    A. colony collapse disorder
    B. guttation outflow problem
    C. excess transpiration disorder
    D. hormonal disbalance

Question 18: Which among these is a component of filtrate in humans?

    A. sucrolose
    B. lipid
    C. urea
    D. sugar

Question 19: 8 15 24 35 48 63 ?

    A. 70
    B. 75
    C. 80
    D. 88

Question 20:

The length of a rectangle is twice its breadth. If its length is decreased by 5 cm and breadth is increased by 5 cm, the area of the rectangle is increased by 75 What is the length of the rectangle?

    A. 40 cm
    B. 20 cm
    C. 16 cm
    D. 18 cm

Question 21:

There are 2 vessels which are filled with the pure components. Vessel 1 contains 20 litres of milk and vessel 2 contains 20 litres of water, 5 litre of milk is taken from the vessel 1 and replaced in vessel 2. Then 4 litres of mixture is transferred from vessel 2 to vessel 1. Find the ratio of amount of water in vessel 1 to the amount of milk in vessel 2?

    A. 7: 8
    B. 8:7
    C. 16:21
    D. none of these

Question 22: Bug off

    A. hate
    B. go away
    C. come close
    D. love

Question 23: The doctor recommended that he should take a holiday.

    A. that he should
    B. take a holiday
    C. The doctor recommended
    D. No Error

Question 24: We

    A. Personal Pronoun
    B. Demonstrative Pronoun
    C. Reflexive Pronoun
    D. Relative Pronoun

Question 25: A company manufactures pencils in boxes of 6, 9, and 20. The boxes are sealed and the pencils cannot be sold loose. What is the largest number of pencils that a wholesaler cannot purchase using some combination of these boxes?

    A. 299
    B. 75
    C. 29
    D. 43

Question 26: Vimal scored 93% in his exams. If he scored 84 marks less than the maximum marks, find the maximum marks.

    A. 500
    B. 1200
    C. 1100
    D. 700

Question 27: What is the centre of sphere of a spherical mirror called?

    A. Pole
    B. Focus
    C. Aperture
    D. Centre of Curvature

Question 28: the electromagnetic theory of light in 1862 was developed by

    A. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
    B. Andre Ampere
    C. James Clerk Maxwell
    D. Wilhelm Rontgen

Question 29: 0 1.2 2.3 3.4 ? 5.6

    A. 4.4
    B. 4.2
    C. 4.3
    D. 4.5

Question 30: There are a set of 5 words. Choose the correct arrangement of words in which they will appear in the dictionary.
Amazon, Alligator, Athazagoraphobia, Anaemic, Asian

    A. abcde
    B. badec
    C. adbce
    D. ecbda

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