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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which belt is present beyond Neptune?

    A. Mega belt
    B. Maestro belt
    C. Kuiper belt
    D. Cosmic belt

Question 2: Valuable timber can be got from which natural vegetation?

    A. Tropical
    B. Temperate
    C. Desert vegetation
    D. Deciduous

Question 3: The uppermost area of the source from which a river originates is called?

    A. crepton
    B. crescon
    C. crinon
    D. crenon

Question 4: Who was one of the female rulers of the Delhi Sultanate period?

    A. Rani Laxmibai
    B. Razia Sultan
    C. Firoza Begum
    D. Jodha Bai

Question 5: Which religion did the sufis initially preach?

    A. Hinduism
    B. Jainism
    C. Sufism
    D. Islamic religion

Question 6: Who discovered Lothal?

    A. R.N. Roy
    B. R.N. Rao
    C. S.R. Rao
    D. R.S. Rao

Question 7: Who founded the `Amrita Bazar Patrika` ?

    A. Surendranath Banerjee
    B. Barindra Ghosh
    C. Kirshna Kumar Miua
    D. Sisir Kumar Ghosh

Question 8: Name the international financial institution which controls the exchange value of currencies of different countries

    A. Federal Reserve system of USA
    B. International Bank for reconstruction and development
    C. IMF (International Monetary Fun
    D. None of the above

Question 9: Who is the author of the famous book `A Train to Pakistan` ?

    A. Khushwant Singh
    B. Shashi Tharoor
    C. Vikram Seth
    D. Rudyard Kipling

Question 10: Which is the second wealthiest state of India?

    A. Maharashtra
    B. West Bengal
    C. Delhi
    D. Tamil Nadu

Question 11: In which year was RBI nationalised?

    A. 1936
    B. 1940
    C. 1947
    D. 1949

Question 12: Why was the introduction of paper notes necessary?

    A. credit
    B. debit
    C. loans
    D. investments

Question 13: In which century systematic studies of carbon compounds were found?

    A. 15
    B. 16
    C. 19
    D. 17

Question 14: Which two processes are combined in water cycle?

    A. evaporation: condensation
    B. evaporation: transpiration
    C. evaporation: boiling
    D. transpiration: condensation

Question 15: In which property is the pressure of gas equal to the pressure of the liquid?

    A. pressure gradient
    B. liquifying pressure
    C. vapour pressure
    D. solution pressure

Question 16: What are pesticides and fertilizers collectively called?

    A. killer chemicals
    B. ciding chemicals
    C. poison chemicals
    D. agrochemicals

Question 17: Which of these is a vasoconstrictor?

    A. plasmids
    B. paracrine
    C. parasins
    D. aminics

Question 18: Which among these is not a category of agricultural products

    A. paper
    B. food
    C. fibre
    D. fuel

Question 19: The Citizenship Act has been amended by Amendment act of which year, among these?

    A. 1950
    B. 1952
    C. 1975
    D. 1986

Question 20: In virtue of which article does the state of India has the highest autonomy?

    A. 275
    B. 370
    C. 372
    D. 379

Question 21: President is elected by the ________

    A. Members of Lok Sabha
    B. Members of Rajya Sabha
    C. Electoral College
    D. Members of Parliament

Question 22: Inclination

    A. Fonder
    B. Tendency
    C. Preferance
    D. Proclivit

Question 23: Scarlet

    A. Crimson
    B. Prophet
    C. Royal Person
    D. Preacher

Question 24: My mom made breakfast; with south-Indian flavour; it was very tasty; we all loved it

    A. all four are complete sentences
    B. 2 and 3 are incomplete
    C. 3 and 4 are incomplete
    D. only 2 is incomplete

Question 25:

The greatest 4-digit number which is divisible by 6,8 and 10 is

    A. 9960
    B. 9999
    C. 9990
    D. 9600

Question 26:

The average mark of a class in a mathematics exam is 65. The sum of the marks of all students is 2210. How many students are there in the class?

    A. 34
    B. 44
    C. 32
    D. 42

Question 27: What does a lever provide?

    A. leverage
    B. levelogy
    C. force
    D. power

Question 28: Which energy can spontaneously pass between systems?

    A. power
    B. water
    C. wind
    D. heat

Question 29: I AM EATING = SHE IS FLYING; SHE IS EATING = I FLYING KITE. What does the word EATING stand for?

    B. FLY
    C. SHE
    D. KITE

Question 30: what number should come next according to the series 8, 22, 8, 28, 8

    A. 9
    B. 29
    C. 32
    D. 34

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