Lower Division Clerk for Today Thursday, 20 February 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Mica is what type of mineral?

    A. non-metallic
    B. metallic
    C. acidic
    D. basic

Question 2: What is the distance between Earth and Sun, measured in astronomical units?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 3: What does IWT stand for?

    A. Indian Water Transport
    B. Inland Water Transport
    C. Island Water Transport
    D. International Water Transport

Question 4: Kalidasa was a poet of which century?

    A. 6th century
    B. 5th century
    C. 4th century
    D. 3rd century

Question 5: What was the old historical region of the Indus Valley civilization?

    A. Nathula
    B. Mehula
    C. Methula
    D. Saraga

Question 6: What was the origin of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak?

    A. Cuman-Kipchak
    B. Turko-Persian
    C. Afghan-Persian
    D. Indo-Turkish

Question 7: Lakshmi Sehgal, who passed away recently was

    A. Famous dancer
    B. Sports person
    C. Veteran freedom fighter
    D. Reputed musician

Question 8: Higgs Boson` is

    A. Name of a film
    B. An elementary particle
    C. Generic name of a medicine
    D. Planet

Question 9: Mohammad Ali Qamar won the final at Commonwealth Amateur Boxing Championships in light fly weight, has also been awarded

    A. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rama Award
    B. Arjuna Award
    C. Dhyanchand Award
    D. Dronachayya Award

Question 10: What was the actual growth rate of fifth FYP?

    A. 4.50%
    B. 4.80%
    C. 5%
    D. 5.20%

Question 11: What happens when expenditures exceed tax revenues?

    A. actual debt
    B. government debt
    C. national debt
    D. public debt

Question 12: Increase in the price of assets is known as

    A. Asset Price Inflation
    B. Asset per Price Inflation
    C. Asset Price Area Inflation
    D. Asset per Price Area Inflation

Question 13: The nucleus of an atom has which charge?

    A. positive
    B. negative
    C. neutral
    D. no charge

Question 14: What happens when carbon dioxide gas is passed over calcium carbonate solution, in excess?

    A. solution becomes colourless
    B. solution becomes milky
    C. solution becomes effervescent
    D. solution becomes dilute

Question 15: The first proof of metallurgy was in which millenium BC?

    A. 02 to 03
    B. 03 to 04
    C. 04 to 05
    D. 05 to 06

Question 16: What are evolutionary relationships called?

    A. anagenesis
    B. philogenesis
    C. philogenetics
    D. speciation

Question 17: Who coined the term "chromatin"?

    A. Gregor Mendel
    B. Walhther Flemming
    C. Walther Sutton
    D. Theodor Boveri

Question 18: How many bacteria are there on Earth approximately? (w.r.t 5 * )

    A. 1000
    B. 100000
    C. 1000
    D. 10000000

Question 19: What is the period duration of Lok Sabha?

    A. 4 years
    B. 5 years
    C. 6 years
    D. 7 years

Question 20: Who is considered as the Constitutional Head of India?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. Speaker

Question 21: Which Amendment Act of Indian Constituion deals with Panchayeti Raj System ?

    A. 70 th
    B. 71 st
    C. 73 rd
    D. 75 th

Question 22: They won the match.

    A. Didnt they win the match?
    B. Didnt they won the match?
    C. Did they win the match?
    D. Did they won the match?

Question 23: The dog ________ an accident last night.

    A. meet
    B. was meeting
    C. met
    D. meat

Question 24: Puts one in mind

    A. Reminds
    B. Resolved
    C. Flatter
    D. Challenge

Question 25: Pipe A and Pipe B can fill a tank in 20 minutes and 10 minutes respectively. Pipe C can empty the tank in 15 minutes. If the three pipes are opened simultaneously, find the time taken to fill the tank.

    A. 12
    B. 15
    C. 20
    D. 18

Question 26: 10 people attend a meeting. Each person shakes their hand with every other person. How many handshakes take place?

    A. 50
    B. 25
    C. 20
    D. 45

Question 27: what is a resistance of a closed switch

    A. 0
    B. about 50ohms
    C. about 500ohms
    D. infinity

Question 28: what is the device that is used tomeasure potential difference between two points in volts is known as

    A. ohmmeter
    B. odometer
    C. ammeter
    D. voltmeter

Question 29: If the second hand of a clock moves by 240 degrees, by how many degrees does the minute hand move w.r.t the same time?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 30: Today is 1 st august,The day of the week is Monday this is a leap yearso what day of the week on this day after 3 years will be

    A. Wednesday
    B. Thursday
    C. Friday
    D. Saturday

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