Lower Division Clerk for Today Friday, 24 May 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What do we call a mixture of many different types of rocks?

    A. Conglomerate
    B. Ore
    C. Alloy
    D. Metallurgics

Question 2: Which are the two directions represented by latitudes?

    A. N and S
    B. E and W
    C. SE and SW
    D. NE and NW

Question 3: What are the scientists who study rainfall, called?

    A. Climatologist
    B. Hydrologist
    C. Rainologist
    D. Geologist

Question 4: Which dynasty overthrew Shisunaga dynasty?

    A. Shunga dynasty
    B. Nanda dynasty
    C. Mauryan dynasty
    D. Gupta dynasty

Question 5: What is Dharma?

    A. religion
    B. scriptures
    C. teachings
    D. praying area

Question 6: Which new ammunition was invented in Indian rebellion?

    A. P enfield rifle 53
    B. P enfield rifle 52
    C. P enfield rifle 51
    D. P enfield rifle 50

Question 7: The Yas Pal Committee Report relates to

    A. Telecommunications
    B. Higher Education
    C. Rural Health
    D. Drinking Water Supply

Question 8: Sania Mirza has acquired fame for

    A. winning the Arjuna Award
    B. being honoured as the best actress at National Film Festival
    C. becoming the first Indian woman to win a Grand Slam even ` in tennis
    D. winning the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rama Award

Question 9: Multi-purpose river valley projects are the `New temples of modern India`.The above statement is made by:

    A. Jawaharlal Nehru
    B. Motilal Nehru
    C. Mahatma Gandhi
    D. Rajiv Gandhi

Question 10: Inflation is adjusted

    A. structurally
    B. quarterly
    C. seasonally
    D. annualy

Question 11: Who developed HDI?

    A. Amartya Sen
    B. Mahbub ul Haq
    C. William Hastings
    D. Henry Enfield

Question 12: What was the year of execution of the Mahatma Gandhi Act?

    A. 2003
    B. 2004
    C. 2005
    D. 2006

Question 13: The distinction of metallurgy depends on which metal?

    A. copper
    B. lead
    C. iron
    D. tin

Question 14: The osmotic pressure of a dilute solution is directly proportional to which type of solution?

    A. dilute
    B. non permeable
    C. concentrated
    D. moderately permeable

Question 15: Which forces does chemical bond result in?

    A. chemical
    B. electrostatic
    C. magnetic
    D. metallic

Question 16: In which month was the life form of bacteria in which year?

    A. January
    B. March
    C. April
    D. June

Question 17: What are quantitative trait loci?

    A. single chromosome
    B. chromosomes in pair
    C. multiple genes
    D. single genes

Question 18: What among these is one of the major field of operation of the environment biologists?

    A. human anatomy
    B. zoological observations
    C. habitats
    D. physical features of organisms

Question 19: Which among these is not a federal power?

    A. administrative
    B. executive
    C. legislative
    D. electoral

Question 20: What is the maximum limit of population of a Gram Panchayet?

    A. 15 lakhs
    B. 17 Lakhs
    C. 19 Lakhs
    D. 20 Lakhs

Question 21: IAAS has how many employees across the country?

    A. 50k
    B. 52k
    C. 53k
    D. 58k

Question 22: To see red

    A. To begin to understand
    B. Smart and clean
    C. A narrow escape
    D. To be mad with anger

Question 23: Go against

    A. Support
    B. Make friendship
    C. Oppose
    D. Fight

Question 24: The big house belongs _______ Salman.

    A. to
    B. at
    C. of
    D. for

Question 25:

A, B and C start a business investing a total amount of Rs.7,50,000. B left the business after 16 months and C left 4 months after B. After 2 years, the total profit earned is Rs.3,80,000. If A invested Rs.50,000 more than B and B invested Rs.50,000 more than C, find As share of the profit.

    A. Rs.1,70,000
    B. Rs.85000
    C. Rs.1,80,000
    D. Rs.1,90,000

Question 26: AB/CD is a fraction where A, B, C and D are positive integers. A is tripled, C is halved, B is left unchanged and D is doubled. Find the percentage change in the value of the fraction.

    A. 20%
    B. 30%
    C. 200%
    D. 300%

Question 27: In Second Law of dynamics, what is net force related to?

    A. linear momentum
    B. force
    C. velocity
    D. pressure

Question 28: which is an example of ferri-magnetic materials

    A. salts of transition elements
    B. rare earth elements
    C. transition metals
    D. Ferrites

Question 29: Following pair of words having a relation between them. Choose the option that best suits the relationship exhibited in the question.
Alcoholic: Teetotaller

    A. Mega:Enormous
    B. Enormous:Mega
    C. Mega:Mini
    D. Middle:Mean

Question 30: what number should come next according to the series 1000, 200, 40

    A. 15
    B. 8
    C. 20
    D. 10

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