Intelligence Bureau Of India for Today Monday, 03 August 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which industrial sector is the only sector in India, which is self-reliant, with respect to industries?

    A. Large-scale industries
    B. Public industries
    C. Agro-based industries
    D. Private industries

Question 2: BHEL is an example of what type of industry?

    A. Private industry
    B. Government industry
    C. Public industry
    D. Large scale industry

Question 3: How much percentage of roads in India, are covered by NHs?

    A. 1.40%
    B. 1.60%
    C. 1.70%
    D. 1.80%

Question 4: How was Mary related to King Henry?

    A. mother
    B. daughter
    C. wife
    D. daughter-in-law

Question 5: In which month did the Salt March come to an end?

    A. June
    B. May
    C. April
    D. Januray

Question 6: What is the meaning of "Aparigraha"?

    A. non-attachment
    B. non-shelter
    C. non-absolutism
    D. non-violence

Question 7: The Hezbollah militant group is mostly based in

    A. Palestine
    B. Syria
    C. Jordan
    D. Lebanon

Question 8: The first heavy electrical equipment manufacturing plant set up in the Public Sector in 1960 is at

    A. Bhopal
    B. Durgapur
    C. Hyderabad
    D. Ranipur (near Hardwar)

Question 9: "Hindu Mela" was organised by

    A. Nabagopal Mitra
    B. Swami Vivekananda
    C. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
    D. Keshab Chandra Sen

Question 10: How many members are there in the central board of directors of the RBI?

    A. 15
    B. 18
    C. 20
    D. 21

Question 11: How many Deputy Governors are there in RBI?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 12: In which FYP, "plan holidays" were declared?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 13: What is the phenomenon of freezing point depression called?

    A. cryomorphy
    B. cryoscopy
    C. cryology
    D. cryography

Question 14: What is the unit of catalyst defined as?

    A. Pascal
    B. Katal
    C. Ampere
    D. Columine

Question 15: In which year was the word "colligative" introduced?

    A. 1890
    B. 1891
    C. 1892
    D. 1893

Question 16: What is the systolic blood pressure of blood vessels in mmHg?

    A. 110
    B. 130
    C. 120
    D. 125

Question 17: Neiserria forms what type of pair?

    A. single
    B. diploid
    C. haploid
    D. triploid

Question 18: Who discovered the mosaic tobacco virus?

    A. Dimitri Ivanovsky
    B. Martinus Beijernick
    C. Ila Sarapova
    D. Marrie Currie

Question 19: In which year was Objectives Resolution drafted?

    A. 1945
    B. 1946
    C. 1947
    D. 1949

Question 20: Which Part of Indian Constitution is dealing with the Panchayeti Raj System?

    A. Part V
    B. Part VII
    C. Part VIII
    D. Part IX

Question 21: How many items are there in the state List?

    A. 66
    B. 67
    C. 68
    D. 69

Question 22: Ridhhi joined ______ Rail.

    A. an
    B. a
    C. the
    D. none of these

Question 23: Alleviate

    A. Tough
    B. Aggravate
    C. senility
    D. Abbreviate

Question 24: Go against

    A. Support
    B. Make friendship
    C. Oppose
    D. Fight

Question 25: The price of an item including tax is Rs.2376. The tax levied on it is 8% and the shopkeeper has made a profit of 10%. Find its CP.

    A. Rs.2200
    B. Rs.2160
    C. Rs.1967
    D. Rs.2000

Question 26: Robin can paint a house in 4 hours, Nitin in 6 hours and Tom in 3 hours. They all start the work together. Find the time taken to paint the house.

    A. 1.33
    B. 1
    C. 0.75
    D. 1.5

Question 27: name the technique used by bats to find their way or to locate food

    A. SONAR
    B. RADAR
    C. Echolocation
    D. Flapping

Question 28: What is the meaning of the word "lever"?

    A. light
    B. heavy
    C. dark
    D. hollow

Question 29: My mother goes for a morning walk everyday. She travels 3 m towards East, turns right and travels 4 m. What is the distance from where she starts walking and the point where she stops walking?

    A. 4
    B. 3
    C. 5
    D. 6

Question 30: Choose the correct option that satisfies the logic behind building the code in the questions.
SAT is coded as AST. How can PAST be coded?

    A. ASPT
    B. TSAP
    C. ASTP
    D. APTS

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