Indian Navy for Today Friday, 24 May 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the latitude for Equator?

    A. 180 N
    B. 90 N
    C. 0 N
    D. 360 N

Question 2: TISCO and BHEL are categorised on the basis of which parameter, of industries?

    A. Bulk and weight
    B. Ownership
    C. Capital investment
    D. Materials

Question 3: Some left over dust particles did not form planets during the formation of Solar system. What are they called?

    A. comets
    B. stars
    C. asteroid belts
    D. satellites

Question 4: What was the origin of the Aryans?

    A. Indo-Islamic
    B. Indo-European
    C. Indo-Persian
    D. Indo-Iranian

Question 5: Who was the last, strong ruler of Pala?

    A. Ramapala
    B. Dharmapala
    C. Devapala
    D. Sangapala

Question 6: Which Mughal Emperors reign was "The Golden Age of Mughal Architecture"?

    A. Babur
    B. Jahangir
    C. Akbar
    D. Shah Jahan

Question 7: Who among the following Indian film personalities was awarded Officer de la Legion d`Honneur by the French Government in June, 2008 ?

    A. Mahesh Bhatt
    B. Yash Chopra
    C. Subhash Ghai
    D. Shyam Benegal

Question 8: Charbak was the name of a

    A. Religious School of thoughts
    B. Doctor
    C. Science Scholar
    D. Wrestler

Question 9: Which one of the following is the AGMARK related to ?

    A. Agricultural Products
    B. Gems and Jewellery
    C. Capital Goods
    D. None of the above

Question 10: What was the origin of Alfred Marshall?

    A. Russian
    B. French
    C. Spanish
    D. English

Question 11: How many types of unemployment groups are there?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 12: According to H-O Model, which factors of production flow freely?

    A. Land-Labour
    B. Labour-Capital
    C. Capital-Land
    D. Capital-Labour

Question 13: Who discovered the X-rays?

    A. Harley Robinson
    B. William Rontgen
    C. Charles Foraine
    D. Robertson Baren

Question 14: Lead is recovered from its ore by which method?

    A. mining
    B. moulding
    C. drilling
    D. smelting

Question 15: What did WH Perkin accidentally manufacture in 1856?

    A. Perkins purple
    B. Perkins mauve
    C. Perkins peacock green
    D. Perkins sea blue

Question 16: In which month was the life form of bacteria in which year?

    A. January
    B. March
    C. April
    D. June

Question 17: In which cell organelle can photosynthesis occur distinctly?

    A. chlorophyll
    B. chloroplast
    C. chlorosome
    D. chloromorph

Question 18: Collenchyma is a word of which origin?

    A. Greek
    B. Latin
    C. French
    D. Russia

Question 19: Office of any Indian consular officer is called?

    A. Indian consultate
    B. consulatation
    C. Indian consulate
    D. consulate office

Question 20: Which term assures the dignity of people?

    A. Fraternity
    B. Vicinity
    C. Integrity
    D. Liberty

Question 21: Which Article deals with Protection against Detention and Arrest?

    A. Article No 18
    B. Article No 20
    C. Article No 21
    D. Article No 22

Question 22: What I had assumed

    A. Adverb clause
    B. Adjective clause
    C. Noun clause
    D. Independent clause

Question 23: The speaker left the scene before long.

    A. The speaker
    B. left the scene
    C. before long
    D. No Error

Question 24: _______ child is always feels safe in mothers arm.

    A. an
    B. a
    C. the
    D. none of these

Question 25:

Which of the following fractions equals 0.0836?

    A. 836/10000
    B. 836/1000
    C. 836/100000
    D. 836/100

Question 26: In a 10 km race, P and Q complete the race in 4 minutes and 5 min 20 sec respectively. P beats Q by

    A. 2.8 km
    B. 2 km
    C. 2.5 km
    D. 3 km

Question 27: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. Which law of Newton is this?

    A. Second
    B. Third
    C. First
    D. All the laws

Question 28: Ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the corneo below how many nanometers?

    A. 300
    B. 350
    C. 360
    D. 380

Question 29: From a group of 6 men and 8 women, six persons are to be selected to form a committee such that there are at least 2 men and 2 women in the committee. In how many ways can it be done?

    A. 300
    B. 1120
    C. 1050
    D. 2590

Question 30: If 18th June, 2002 was a Tuesday, what was the day of the week on 18th June, 2008?

    A. Tuesday
    B. Wednesday
    C. Thursday
    D. Friday

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