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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Non-Ferrous type of minerals are considered which type of minerals?

    A. metallic
    B. non-metallic
    C. acidic
    D. basic

Question 2: How many political divisions do a sovereign state include?

    A. 4
    B. 3
    C. 2
    D. 5

Question 3: Which belt is present beyond Neptune?

    A. Mega belt
    B. Maestro belt
    C. Kuiper belt
    D. Cosmic belt

Question 4: The main feature of Kushans were?

    A. artistic skills
    B. mystic power
    C. they did not possess any voice
    D. artificial deformed skulls

Question 5: Which among these is an Aryan theory?

    A. Intriguous Aryan theory
    B. Indigenous Aryan theory
    C. Internal Aryan Theory
    D. Infactuous aryan Theory

Question 6: Samudragupta reigned for how many years ?

    A. 35 years
    B. 40 years
    C. 45 years
    D. 50 years

Question 7: OTEC stand for

    A. Ocean Thermal Energy Conservation
    B. Oil and Thermal Energy Conservation
    C. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
    D. Oil and Thermal Energy Conversion

Question 8: Who among the following annexed Punjab Dominion ?

    A. Elgin
    B. Dalhousie
    C. Minto
    D. Morley

Question 9: Jacques Chirac is the President of

    A. Germany
    B. Poland
    C. France
    D. Romania

Question 10: The Price of a product is determined by which category?

    A. demand
    B. supply
    C. production
    D. capital

Question 11: Which among these is the costlier source of capital?

    A. preference share
    B. debt capital
    C. equity share
    D. dividend capital

Question 12: How does the demand curve look like in the demand schedule?

    A. horizontal sloping
    B. upward sloping
    C. downward sloping
    D. vertical sloping

Question 13: Metallurgy is a domain of which science?

    A. biology
    B. chemicals
    C. material
    D. cosmology

Question 14: 1 bar = how many Pascals?

    A. 1.5lk
    B. 100
    C. 1lk
    D. 1k

Question 15: In which bond electrons are shared?

    A. covalent
    B. ionic
    C. electromagnetic
    D. electrostatic

Question 16: Morbidity race = what rate?

    A. internal rate
    B. sick rate
    C. incidence rate
    D. defision rate

Question 17: Which capsule is related to urine formation?

    A. Glomerulus capsule
    B. Hipocisis capsule
    C. Ductiles capsule
    D. Bowmans Capsule

Question 18: Through which phenomenon water potential is reduced?

    A. plasmolysis
    B. deplasmolysis
    C. vacuation
    D. osmosis

Question 19: Who can remove the death sentence of a person?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 20: What does the concept of free from foreign power mean?

    A. sovereign state
    B. democratic state
    C. republican state
    D. communist stae

Question 21: What is the minimum qualification of Supreme Court Judge?

    A. have 5 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    B. have 3 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    C. have 7 years of experience as Judge of High Court
    D. have 10 years of experience as Judge of High Court

Question 22: Please write the paragraph ______.

    A. now
    B. again
    C. then
    D. before

Question 23: A dime a dozen

    A. commonly found
    B. Rare
    C. very rare
    D. Mostly available

Question 24: The short poem or speech which recites at the end of any play or drama, is called

    A. Epic
    B. Epilogue
    C. Epitaph
    D. Comedy

Question 25: The ratio of the incomes of two persons is 5:3 and that of their expenditure is 9:5. Find the income of each person if they save Rs.1300 and Rs.900 respectively.

    A. Rs.4000,Rs.2400
    B. Rs.3000,Rs.1800
    C. Rs.5000,Rs.3000
    D. Rs.4500,Rs.2700

Question 26:

I borrowed two equal amounts, one at 12% S.I. for 2 years and the other at 10% for 3 years respectively. If the difference in the interest was Rs.1200 , find the total amount borrowed.

    A. Rs.20000
    B. Rs.30000
    C. Rs.40000
    D. Rs.50000

Question 27:

A father said to his son, "I was as old as you are at the present at the time of your birth". If the fathers age is 38 years now, what was the sons age five years back?

    A. 20 years
    B. 18 years
    C. 22 years
    D. 14 years

Question 28:

Three varieties of sugar costing Rs.25/kg, Rs.30/kg and Rs.36/kg are mixed in the ratio 2:3:5 and sold at Rs.36/kg. Find the gain%.

    A. 12.50%
    B. 15%
    C. 16%
    D. 10.50%

Question 29: In 34 minutes, what is the angle formed by the minute hand?

    A. 132
    B. 194
    C. 204
    D. 214

Question 30: Here are two statements. Each option has a conclusion. Choose the conclusion that will logically follow the statements in the question:
All words are books. Some books are not pages.

    A. No word is a page.
    B. Some words are not pages.
    C. Some words are diaries
    D. None of the above

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