Food Corporation of India for Today Tuesday, 15 October 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which distributory is left over by Ganga, in West Bengal, before it enters Bangladesh?

    A. Hoogly
    B. Saraswati
    C. Meghna
    D. Bhagirati

Question 2: What type of rock is a plutonic rock?

    A. Igneous
    B. Metamorphic
    C. Volcanic
    D. Sedimentary

Question 3: Andhra Pradesh is a area of what rainfall?

    A. Heavy rainfall
    B. Scanty rainfall
    C. Moderate rainfall
    D. No rainfall

Question 4: Who declared the Purna Swaraj independence?

    A. Indian National congress
    B. East India Company
    C. Viceroy
    D. Governor

Question 5: In which year was the victory of Panipat?

    A. 1521
    B. 1542
    C. 1526
    D. 1538

Question 6: What was the name of Bindusaras mother?

    A. Biwidhabi
    B. Durdhara
    C. Kumbishala
    D. Mohini

Question 7: Who said "Swaraj is my birth right"?

    A. Bipin Chandra Pal
    B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    C. Lala Lajpat Rai
    D. G. K. Gokhale

Question 8: According to a recent judgement of the Bombay High Court in the petition filed by Dr. Nikhil Datar and a reacher couple, the law (the MRTPAct of 1971) permits conditional abortions within of pregnancy.

    A. 18 weeks
    B. 20 weeks
    C. 22 weeks
    D. 25 weeks

Question 9: Which of the following is nota Union territory of India ?

    A. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    B. Pondicherry
    C. Chandigarh
    D. Tripura

Question 10: In which year was HDI developed?

    A. 1990
    B. 1192
    C. 1994
    D. 1996

Question 11: What is the proposed growth of GDP in the latest economic plan of India?

    A. 8%
    B. 7.80%
    C. 7.50%
    D. 7.20%

Question 12: When was the name of the Imperial Bank of India changed?

    A. 1935
    B. 1938
    C. 1943
    D. 1947

Question 13: Which is the visible form of matter on earths surface?

    A. solid
    B. gas
    C. liquid
    D. plasma

Question 14: Which includes VB theory?

    A. polar covalency
    B. electrolysis
    C. catalysis
    D. resonance

Question 15: When catalyst is applied in a chemical reaction, which thing is required less?

    A. reactants
    B. reactions
    C. activation energy
    D. neutral energy

Question 16: The organs which solely function for excretion are considered under which system?

    A. urinary system
    B. excretory system
    C. follicular system
    D. digestive system

Question 17: What is the raising of domesticated birds called?

    A. bird husbandry
    B. animal husbandry
    C. aves hatchery
    D. poultry farming

Question 18: Nutrition is the interaction between nutrients and which substance among these?

    A. proteins
    B. carbohydrates
    C. anthocyanins
    D. digestive enzymes

Question 19: The Deputy Speaker may regisn by sending his/ her letter to ________

    A. Prime Minister
    B. President
    C. President of Election Commission
    D. Speaker

Question 20: The Citizenship Act has been amended by Amendment act of which year, among these?

    A. 1950
    B. 1952
    C. 1975
    D. 1986

Question 21: LA of Sikkim has how many members?

    A. 31
    B. 32
    C. 33
    D. 34

Question 22: To take up the gauntlet

    A. To move
    B. To refuse
    C. To appreciate
    D. To accept the challenge

Question 23: Engulfed

    A. Entertained
    B. Stupefied
    C. Encouraged
    D. Enthused

Question 24: The players _______ landed in Mumbai.

    A. are
    B. has
    C. have
    D. has been

Question 25: If a man buys 1 liter of milk for Rs.12 and mixes it with 20% water and sells it at a price of Rs.15 per liter, then what is the gain%?

    A. 20%
    B. 30%
    C. 40%
    D. 50%

Question 26: If A lends Rs. 3500 to B at 10% p.a. and B lends the same sum to C at 11.5% p.a. then the gain of B (in Rs.) in a period of 3 years is

    A. Rs.154.50
    B. Rs.155.50
    C. Rs.156.50
    D. Rs.157.50

Question 27:

The average weekly salary per head of the entire staff of a factory consisting of supervisors and the laborers is Rs 60.The average salary per head of the supervisors is Rs 400 and that of the laborers is Rs 56.Given that the number of supervisors is 12.Find the number of laborers in the factory.

    A. 1020
    B. 1130
    C. 1010
    D. 1240

Question 28:

Five bells commence tolling together and toll at intervals of 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9 seconds respectively. How many times do they toll together in an hour?

    A. 11
    B. 12
    C. 10
    D. 6

Question 29: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
Geet will attend the party if Raj doesnot come to the party.

    A. Raj came to the party, so Geet will also attend the party
    B. Geet will not attend the party, so Raj will attend the party.
    C. Geet has come to the party, therefore, Raj wont come to the party
    D. Raj has not come to the party, means, Geet has come to the party

Question 30: Write a word similar to MADAM?

    B. MAAM
    C. MAMA

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