Food Corporation of India for Today Friday, 24 May 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: In what type of disaster can we categorise Earthquakes?

    A. natural
    B. artificial
    C. accidental
    D. man-made

Question 2: Which process is used to extract minerals which are present just on the surface of the earth?

    A. quarring
    B. mining
    C. digging
    D. drilling

Question 3: Which wind has two levels in it?

    A. Thermal wind
    B. Geostrophic wind
    C. Waver wind
    D. Coriolis wind

Question 4: The Aryan race was rising in which centiry?

    A. 16
    B. 17
    C. 19
    D. 20

Question 5: In which month was the partition of Bengal firmly inhaled?

    A. January
    B. March
    C. May
    D. April

Question 6: Which was the first capital of Magadha?

    A. Rajgir
    B. Deogarh
    C. Pataliputra
    D. Licchavi

Question 7: Montague-Chelmsford reforms provided for

    A. diarchy
    B. Provincial autonomy
    C. partial independence
    D. separate communal electorate

Question 8: Angela Markel is the Chancellor of which State?

    A. Italy
    B. France
    C. Germany
    D. Norway

Question 9: Mention the year in which Indo-Soviet Friendship Treaty was signed

    A. 1956
    B. 1980
    C. 1975
    D. 1971

Question 10: India became the worlds fastest growing major economy from which year?

    A. 2012
    B. 2014
    C. 2013
    D. 2011

Question 11: New Trade Theory explains which elements of trade?

    A. real
    B. empirical
    C. nominal
    D. relative

Question 12: Which major economy did India replace in terms of growth?

    A. Japan
    B. Pakistan
    C. China
    D. Bangladesh

Question 13: Which law is formed by combinig Charles Law and Boyles Law?

    A. CB Law
    B. Gas Law
    C. Compound Gas Law
    D. Ideal Gas Law

Question 14: Which component is used to soften water in acidic reactions?

    A. baking soda
    B. potassium hydrate
    C. salt
    D. washing soda

Question 15: 1 bar = how many Pascals?

    A. 1.5lk
    B. 100
    C. 1lk
    D. 1k

Question 16: Which chromosomes are separated in the first division?

    A. homologous
    B. heterologous
    C. monologous
    D. duologous

Question 17: Billirubin is a break-down component of which product?

    A. heme anabolism
    B. heme catabolism
    C. semi anabolism
    D. semi catabolism

Question 18: The process of nitrogen cycle is mostly carried out by which of these?

    A. plants
    B. microbes
    C. bacteria
    D. algae

Question 19: Who is responsible to set up financial team to review financial condition of the Panchayet?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Chief Minister of State
    C. Governor
    D. President

Question 20: Which Chapter of Indian Constituion deals with the matters related to the honorable President of India?

    A. Chapter 1
    B. Chapter 2
    C. Chapter 3
    D. Chapter 4

Question 21: The Citizenship Act has been amended by Amendment act of which year, among these?

    A. 1950
    B. 1952
    C. 1975
    D. 1986

Question 22: ________ MLA can take decision on urgent basis.

    A. an
    B. a
    C. the
    D. none of these

Question 23: Each other

    A. Reciprocal Pronoun
    B. Demonstrative Pronoun
    C. Personal Pronoun
    D. Interrogative Pronoun

Question 24: Our parents _________ best teachers.

    A. be
    B. is
    C. are
    D. being

Question 25:

A finance company claims to lend money at simple interest, but includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If they charge an interest of 8%, what is the effective rate of interest?

    A. 8.50%
    B. 8%
    C. 8.16%
    D. 9%

Question 26:

The sum of the ages of Lily and Nancy is twice the difference of their ages. Find the ratio of Nancys age to Lilys age.

    A. 1:03
    B. 3:01
    C. 1:02
    D. 2:01

Question 27: "Consider the series given below: 4/12/95, 1/1/96, 29/1/96, 26/2/96 The next term of the series is"

    A. 24/3/96
    B. 25/3/96
    C. 26/3/96
    D. 27/3/96

Question 28: x is 20% more than z and y is 80% more than z. Find x:y.

    A. 1:04
    B. 3:04
    C. 1:03
    D. 2:03

Question 29: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
I purchased either a cooler or a refrigerator.

    A. Im not purchasing a cooler means Im purchasing a refrigerator
    B. Im not purchasing a refrigerator means Im purchasing a cooler
    C. Im neither purchasing a refrigerator nor a cooler
    D. Both A and B

Question 30: Raju is the only brother of my fathers mothers daughter. How is Raju related to me?

    A. Uncle
    B. Father
    C. Nephew
    D. Son

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