Data Entry Operator General or SSC for Today Wednesday, 24 July 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which distributory is left over by Ganga, in West Bengal, before it enters Bangladesh?

    A. Hoogly
    B. Saraswati
    C. Meghna
    D. Bhagirati

Question 2: What are the scientists who study rainfall, called?

    A. Climatologist
    B. Hydrologist
    C. Rainologist
    D. Geologist

Question 3: Which rivers, among these, are a part of the delta of Mangrove forests?

    A. Tapi
    B. Yamuna
    C. Saraswati
    D. Ganga

Question 4: What does the word "Pala" stand for?

    A. nature
    B. purity
    C. protection
    D. bravery

Question 5: From where was King Henrys wife?

    A. London
    B. Sweden
    C. Argon
    D. Los Angeles

Question 6: In which year was Oudh annexed by the East India Company?

    A. 1854
    B. 1855
    C. 1856
    D. 1857

Question 7: Who wrote "Swadhinata hinatay ke bachitey chai" ?

    A. Dwijendralal Roy
    B. Hemchandra Banerjee
    C. Nabin Chandra Sen
    D. Rangalai Banerjee

Question 8: Who is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award,2003?

    A. Mrinal Sen
    B. Tapan Sinha
    C. Ritupomo Ghosh
    D. Gautam Ghosh

Question 9: Which of the following teams won the 58th National Volleyball Championship Tournament held in January, 2010 ?

    A. Karnataka
    B. West Bengal
    C. Tamil Nadu
    D. Kerala

Question 10: What does FDI stand for?

    A. Foreign Development Index
    B. Foreign Direct Index
    C. Foreign Direct Investment
    D. Foreign Development Investment

Question 11: Why is unemployment affected during inflation?

    A. actual wage rigidity
    B. real wage rigidity
    C. nominal wage rigidity
    D. duplication of wage rigidity

Question 12: Which among these is not a function of the state banks?

    A. transactions
    B. loans
    C. print money
    D. investments

Question 13: In which region of spectrum does balmer  lie

    A. Visible
    B. infrared
    C. Ultraviolet
    D. Infar-infrared

Question 14: Oxygen is at higher _______________ then hydrogen atoms in water.

    A. covalency
    B. polar valency
    C. conductivity
    D. electronegativity

Question 15: Which law is formed by combinig Charles Law and Boyles Law?

    A. CB Law
    B. Gas Law
    C. Compound Gas Law
    D. Ideal Gas Law

Question 16: A site where glycolisation takes place?

    A. miochondria
    B. endoplasmic reticulum
    C. ribosomes
    D. golgi bodies

Question 17: What is the body form of marine animals?

    A. pentaductile
    B. fusiform
    C. symmetrical
    D. asymmetrical

Question 18: The discoverer of mitosis, Otto Buschlis was a

    A. German
    B. Russian
    C. French
    D. Greek

Question 19: According to which Article of Indian Constitution people should boound to provide Education Facilities to his / her child ( between 6 to 14 years)?

    A. Article No 51
    B. Article No 51 A
    C. Article No 51 B
    D. Article No 52

Question 20: What does the concept of free from foreign power mean?

    A. sovereign state
    B. democratic state
    C. republican state
    D. communist stae

Question 21: What does COPUs stand for?

    A. Corporate Official Private Undertakings
    B. Corporate Official Public Undertakings
    C. Committee on Public Undertakings
    D. Committee on Private Undertakings

Question 22: Ridhhi is such a conscientious workers that he reads each of the report twice to make sure that they are error free.

    A. Ridhhi is such a conscientious
    B. workers that he reads each of the report
    C. twice to make sure
    D. No error.

Question 23: Each

    A. Distributive Pronoun
    B. Reflexive Pronoun
    C. Interrogative Pronoun
    D. Personal Pronoun

Question 24: Friend

    A. Friendly
    B. Friendhood
    C. Friendship
    D. Friendlike

Question 25: In a 100 m race, A reaches the winning post in 30 seconds and beats B by 10 m. Find the time taken by B to reach the winning post.

    A. 33.33 s
    B. 36 s
    C. 40 s
    D. 45 s

Question 26: Successive discounts of 20% and 25% are equal to a single discount of

    A. 45%
    B. 50%
    C. 40%
    D. 22.50%

Question 27: What type of lens is a Magnifying Glass ?

    A. Convex
    B. concave
    C. parabolic
    D. plane

Question 28: Temperature is the what type of measure of hot and cold?

    A. subjective
    B. objective
    C. qualitative
    D. quantitative

Question 29: tell the relationship Reptile is to lizard as flower is to

    A. petal
    B. stem
    C. daisy
    D. alligator

Question 30: tell the relationship Artist is to painting as senator is to

    A. attorney
    B. law
    C. politician
    D. constituents

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