Data Entry Operator General or SSC for Today Friday, 03 April 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the volume in percentage of metamorphic rocks in the earths crust?

    A. 27.40%
    B. 29.76%
    C. 28.45%
    D. 20.13%

Question 2: A wind is formed by the combination of the two levels of geostrophic wind. What is the wind called?

    A. Thermal wind
    B. Geostrophic wind
    C. Waver wind
    D. Coriolis wind

Question 3: What percentage of Indias trade is approximately, carried out by ships or water transport?

    A. 80%
    B. 90%
    C. 50%
    D. 70%

Question 4: During which century did the Sufi tradition evolve to the peak?

    A. 7
    B. 8
    C. 9
    D. 10

Question 5: In which year Lothal was discovered?

    A. 1957
    B. 1958
    C. 1959
    D. 1960

Question 6: In which dynasty did Iltutmish rule?

    A. Mamluk dynasty
    B. Tughlaq dynasty
    C. Nanda dynasty
    D. Sayyid dynasty

Question 7: Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located at

    A. Sriharikota
    B. Tarapur
    C. Hyderabad
    D. Chandpur

Question 8: Who wrote Amukta Malyada ?

    A. Bukka
    B. Harihara I
    C. Krishnadev Roy
    D. Bir Narasingha

Question 9: Which of the following folk dances is associated with Rajasthan?

    A. Rauf
    B. Jhora
    C. Veedhi
    D. Suisini

Question 10: Tax is derived from which word?

    A. Taxo
    B. Taxonomy
    C. Taxity
    D. Taxa

Question 11: When was the new HDI report launched?

    A. 2014
    B. 2012
    C. 2010
    D. 2008

Question 12: Which was the first bank to be introduced in India?

    A. SBI
    B. BOI
    C. Hindu Bank
    D. Bank of Hindustan

Question 13: In which year was the word "colligative" introduced?

    A. 1890
    B. 1891
    C. 1892
    D. 1893

Question 14: What is the phenomenon of freezing point depression called?

    A. cryomorphy
    B. cryoscopy
    C. cryology
    D. cryography

Question 15: octate theory and VSEPR Theory are based on which phenomenon?

    A. chemical bonding
    B. catalysis
    C. electrolysis
    D. plasmolysis

Question 16: Where can we find the Thyroid gland?

    A. stomach
    B. hypthalamus
    C. liver
    D. throat

Question 17: What are the collection of evolved responses in illness called?

    A. sickness behaviour
    B. physical disorder
    C. sickness symptoms
    D. sickness effects

Question 18: Through which organs does plant respire?

    A. stem
    B. roots
    C. guard cells
    D. stomata

Question 19: Which concept is emphasized by the phrase " we the people"?

    A. sovereign state
    B. democratic state
    C. republican state
    D. communist stae

Question 20: Who can lessen the punishment of a person?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 21: How many years a person may be the President at a time?

    A. 2 years
    B. 3 years
    C. 4 years
    D. 5 years

Question 22: He knows hindi ________ English.

    A. beside
    B. besides
    C. with
    D. between

Question 23: Most of the girls like Gold.

    A. Common Noun
    B. Proper Noun
    C. Collective Noun
    D. Abstract Noun

Question 24: To me; he must be honest

    A. because
    B. therefore
    C. if
    D. it is a complete sentence

Question 25:

If the sum of two numbers is 50 and the H.C.F. and L.C.M. of these numbers are 10 and 60 respectively, then the sum of the reciprocals of the numbers is equal to

    A. 21916
    B. 42034
    C. 42016
    D. 42014

Question 26:

If x=1/y and y=1/z, then

    A. x=1/z
    B. x=1/zĀ²
    C. x=z
    D. None of the above

Question 27: who gave the statement that no body begins to move or comes to rest itself

    A. Isaac Newton
    B. Abu ali sena
    C. al kunai
    D. Stephen hawking

Question 28: name the type of sound waves that can propagate in solids

    A. longitudinal only
    B. transverse waves only
    C. either a & b
    D. non mechanical waves only

Question 29: There are a set of 5 words. Choose the correct arrangement of words in which they will appear in the dictionary.
Rose, Ripe, Repeat, Revenge, Regret

    A. ecdba
    B. abcde
    C. abdce
    D. abdec

Question 30: By how many degrees will the minute hand move, when the hour hand moves by 9 degrees.

    A. 84
    B. 126
    C. 108
    D. 90

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