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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which is the largest Expressway in India?

    A. Bombay Expressway
    B. Yamuna Expressway
    C. Chennai Expressway
    D. Pune Expressway

Question 2: On the basis of what parameter are the Heavy industries categorised?

    A. Bulk and weight
    B. Finance and asset
    C. Ownership or partnership business
    D. Market capture

Question 3: Bamboos are an example of what vegetation?

    A. Tropical
    B. Temperate
    C. Desert vegetation
    D. Deciduous

Question 4: Which among these scholars was produced by the Gupta Empire?

    A. Aryabhatta
    B. Birbal
    C. Tansen
    D. Socrates

Question 5: Who was the first emperor of the Mauryan dynasty?

    A. Chandragupta
    B. Samudragupta
    C. Chandragupta II
    D. Rajashanigupta

Question 6: What was the name of Bindusaras mother?

    A. Biwidhabi
    B. Durdhara
    C. Kumbishala
    D. Mohini

Question 7: Angela Markel is the Chancellor of which State?

    A. Italy
    B. France
    C. Germany
    D. Norway

Question 8: Recently in 2008, which bank was merged with the State Bank of India ?

    A. Bank of India
    B. Bank of Maharashtra
    C. Bank of Baroda
    D. Bank of Saurashtra

Question 9: Railway coaches are manufactured at

    A. Jamshedpur
    B. Chittaranjan
    C. Perambur
    D. Varanasi

Question 10: In which year was IHDI introduced in HDI?

    A. 2009
    B. 20111
    C. 2010
    D. 2014

Question 11: In which year the PC was dissolved?

    A. 2000
    B. 2010
    C. 2012
    D. 2014

Question 12: Which among these is a type of employment?

    A. Actual
    B. Limited
    C. Absolute
    D. Real

Question 13: The no of valence electron present in chlorine ion are...

    A. 8
    B. 18
    C. 16
    D. 17

Question 14: What indicates alkalinity, basicity or acidity of a substance?

    A. taste
    B. chemical properties
    C. physical properties
    D. pH value

Question 15: What did WH Perkin accidentally manufacture in 1856?

    A. Perkins purple
    B. Perkins mauve
    C. Perkins peacock green
    D. Perkins sea blue

Question 16: What is the full form of ADP?

    A. Amine Di-Phosphate
    B. Amide Di-Phosphate
    C. Adinosine Di-Phosphate
    D. Adinomide Di-Phosphate

Question 17: How many bacteria are there on Earth approximately? (w.r.t 5 * )

    A. 1000
    B. 100000
    C. 1000
    D. 10000000

Question 18: What is the classical tool of studying tissue?

    A. paraffin-wax
    B. paraffin-tool
    C. paraffin-block
    D. paraffin-pool

Question 19: The audit of accounts will be according to the law of the state ---- which Article deals with?

    A. Article No 243I
    B. Article No 243J
    C. Article No 243E
    D. Article No 243F

Question 20: What is Legislative Council called?

    A. Vidhan Sabha
    B. Vidhan Samha
    C. Vidhan Parishad
    D. Vidhan Nagar

Question 21: According to which Aricle a person can able to be the member of both Houses?

    A. Article No. 100
    B. Article No 101
    C. Article No 102
    D. Article No 103

Question 22: Kalidas is a Shakespeare of India.

    A. Kalidas is
    B. a Shakespeare
    C. of India
    D. No error

Question 23: The Hindu is more popular, than any other newspaper in India.

    A. The Hindu is
    B. more popular, than any other
    C. newspaper in India
    D. No Error

Question 24: The cat was hiding ______ the table.

    A. on
    B. in
    C. beneath
    D. across

Question 25: If the fractions 1/3, 3/5, 1/4, 5/6 and 7/9 are arranged in ascending order, which value will be in the middle?

    A. 42007
    B. 42130
    C. 42194
    D. 42068

Question 26: An empty drum can be filled with 18 buckets of water, if the capacity of each bucket is 16 liters. How many buckets will be need to fill the drum if the capacity of each bucket is 12 liters?

    A. 28
    B. 20
    C. 15
    D. 24

Question 27: How is focal length related to the radius of curvature?

    A. double
    B. triple
    C. half
    D. square root

Question 28: what is an example of impulse

    A. Ns
    B. Ns²
    C. kgm/s²
    D. kgm²/s²

Question 29: Following is a jumbled word. Choose the correct option that consists of the original word.


Question 30: Following word is a pattern. Choose the option that best suits the pattern in the question.

    A. RUXA
    C. MDGSA
    D. BCGDE

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